Adoption Sponsorship

Do you already have a house full of cats? Or perhaps allergies, or even worse, a nasty landlord that won't allow pets? But you want to help our friends find their forever homes? Sponsoring an adoption not only helps us by providing the funds for us to care for the cat you choose, but also in purchasing things like food, litter, and ALL the other general costs of keeping CP alive. It also helps inspire the adopter to paw it forward and become a sponsor themselves. It also gives our harder to adopt cats an extra chance for exposure…Just recently posting about adoption sponsorship has helped several of our cats get in front of the right people and find their forever homes. It indeed is one of the most selfless and rewarding gifts you can participate in.

Cat Adoption Sponsorship
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**If all of our cats in residence are sponsored, or you’re having trouble picking one, you can select “pick a cat for me” and we’ll select a cat for you!

Cat Nourishment & Enrichment Sponsorship
$50 single donation or $15 per month

Each month we spend about $500 on cat enrichment and nourishment. This includes things like toys, beds, cat trees, treats, meat tubes, catnip, etc. We believe that we have created an atmosphere here at Catsbury Park that is as close to a loving home as we possibly can. (Ignore the fact that most homes don’t have espresso coffee drinking guests every day and 20 other feline friends, but hey, it’s pretty close!). We encourage staff, volunteers, and guests to play with the cats as much as possible to ensure they are fulfilling their natural hunting instincts and stimulating their minds. To do this, we’re always in need of all these items. Becoming an N&E sponsor helps us ensure that we still have the very best entertainment on hand for our kitties along with warm beds and plenty of hiding places when their bellies are full, and they’re all tuckered out from the thrill of the chase. One of the easiest ways for cats to be noticed in the lounge is during playtime, so helping us here will directly help cats find homes.

Cat Nourishment Sponsorship
$50 one-time donation

One-Time Donation
Cat Nourishment Sponsorship
15.00 every month

Health Sponsorship
$25 single donation or $10 per month

If you have been following our journey, you know that unexpected vet trips are something that happens almost every week and can be crippling for us financially. We also have the ongoing expense of things like flea preventative, immune boosting supplements, ointments, animal grade cleaning supplies to keep the germs away, etc. Becoming a sponsor of our residents’ health will positively impact us and help us to continue to give our kitties the very best care and focus on their health and not our bank balance. We love all of our cats as if they were our own but we rely on your support to give them the very best care each and every day. Becoming a regular sponsor for as little as $10 a month may not feel like you’re doing much, but we promise every penny counts and goes a long way to helping us save and care for 100s of more cats in the coming years.

Cat Health Sponsorship
$25 one-time donation

One-Time Donation
Cat Health Sponsorship
10.00 every month

**All sponsors will receive a one-off (or yearly if you subscribe) merchandise gift. Something special that is not for sale and will only ever be available to our sponsors. This offer is valid for all sponsorships received from December 2018 to August 2019. Gifts will be sent out in September 2019.