Name: Smokey
Age: 7 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: June 10, 2019


Hi, my name is Smokey… I’m a very long haired sweet young man with a ton of personality.

I love to be loved and will talk to you until you give me the attention I command. I was rescued from a home with 5 other cat siblings, one of them is actually here too, her name is Cupcakes, she’s a real princess and I am real King of the Jungle.

I need a hope that has humans that like to pay special attention to grooming and good manners. There’s rumors that I might have some Maine Coon blood flowing through my veins, but my breed need not matter, I think I’m the entire package regardless.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Likes – Wizards, animation & ice creams
Dislikes – Peas, warm beer & gardening

Name: Peep
Age: 1 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: June 10, 2019

Hi, I am Peep, just like little bo peep who lost her sheep, I have lost my family and am here on a quest to find one.

I have the most precious yellow eyes that are like two big beams of sunshine and I am athletic and adventurous. I will need a home that has lots of things for me to climb, play with and hone my hunting skills.

I would be find as an only child and also do great in a home with others.

Please don’t leave me here looking for too long, I would love to bathe in the summer sunshine in your windows as soon as possible.

Likes – Birthday parties, Stromboli & minty fresh breath
Dislikes – Basketball, burnt toast & REM


Name: Joan
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: June 5, 2019


Rivers, Joan Rivers. That’s me! I am a year old and came to Catsbury with my brother, Adam.

I’m working hard to find my feet and figure out how to navigate this would that’s full of things I don’t yet understand.

Mostly my hobbies so far including hiding during the day and getting playful at night, but that will change as I get more confident.

I’m not bonded with my brother so it’s totally OK for you to fall in love with me on my own, but because of my shy nature I would thrive best in a home with an experienced cat person and at least one furry friend to keep me company.

Likes – The Bouncing Souls, The Stone Pony & Summer
Dislikes – Traffic, Parking Police & $10 hotdogs

Name: Cupcakes
Age: 7 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: June 10, 2019


Hello, my name is Cupcakes… Perhaps I was given this name because I look like I could eat an entire baker’s dozen to myself and still have room for a cheeseburger and fries.

This picture does not do my size justice. Weighing in at 13lbs there might just be truth to the rumor that I am a Maine Coon mix!

I arrived with my brother and we’re both looking for loving homes. I need a guardian angel that has time to spend grooming me, because what you cannot also see from this picture is I have the thickest, fluffiest coat and without proper care it gets really uncomfortable and then I am forced to have horrible haircuts, like the one I got before arriving here.

Apart from the grooming, I have no other special needs, just a lot of love and attention!

Likes – Cake, donuts & apple pie
Dislikes – Carrots, bean sprouts & tofu

Name: Blue
Age: 1 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: June 10, 2019

Hey, my name is Blue, sweet baby Blue! I’m only a one year old young man with an entire life to live.

I have one of those cute lil mousey faces that always looks surprised, especially with my dinner plate sized eyes.

I am confident and charismatic and need a home that has room for a big personality.

I love to be pet, I will do almost anything for a treat and I’ve already been found on a few laps since my arrival.

We would make great friends if you’re loyal, loving, kind & generous.

Likes – Shoes, Elvis & berries
Dislikes – Crabs, Jelly & Dave Matthews Band

Name: Adam
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: June 5, 2019 


Hello, it’s lovely to meet you, my name is Adam. I am about a year old and very much still a kitten-teen.

Catsbury Park took a chance on me and my sister Joan (who is also here), you see we probably were found a little older than the normal age that kittens can be socialized through foster care and I’m still a little bit wild.

Since arriving I’ve realized though that hanging with humans is actually pretty neat. They give me lots of love, treats and play with me to keep my little mind entertained.

I would do great in a home that has experience with shy kittens and would absolutely love to have brothers and sisters to play with.

I’m almost identical to my sister, but only in looks. Personality wise I’m the more outgoing one.

Likes – Drew Barrymore, College Football & singing at weddings
Dislikes – Will Ferrell, Golf & going on dates

Name: Penny
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: May 30, 2019


Hi, my name is Penny, I’m 3 years old and possess many special qualities. I’m vocal, inquisitive & love a good lap cuddle (but only when I get to choose the lap).

I’m a little bit of a loner when it comes to the felines, it’s not that I couldn’t live with them, it’s just that I prefer my space and don’t particularly feel like having my butt sniffed twenty times a day or rolling around wrestling, that seems pointless?? I like to be left to my own devices… So in saying that, please consider me if your home is currently in need of an independent cat that is happy to be on her own.

Likes – Iced coffee, pizza & Hulu
Dislikes – The Jonas Brothers, string cheese & umbrellas on the beach

Name: Mindy
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: February 9, 2019


Hi, I’m Mindy, pleased to meet you. Can you believe, I’m only 1 and I’ve already been a momma?! Thank the heavens I was spayed and now can go back to being a young cat and don’t ever have to worry about losing sleep whilst feeding kittens again!!

I have whiskers for days and a personality to match. I pretend to be shy, but really I’m just weeding out the good from the bad. If I smell a good human (the good humans usually have something like a treat in their hand), I’m all about the love.

I was adopted and returned to Catsbury because my new home had some doggies that absolutely terrified me and although the wonderful humans tried everything in their power to find a way for us all to exist together it became apparent that the best thing to do was to return to Catsbury to find another home DOG FREE!! (I loved my cat sister, so I’m hoping to have another one).

I’m excited to be lazy forever with you!

Likes – TNR programs, pottery classes & golden girls reruns
Dislikes – Dogs, People that like dogs, cats that look like dogs

Name: Bobby
Age: 3 years old (approx)
Gender: Male
Arrival date: May 25, 2019


Hey everyone, my name is Bobby! I’ve survived a couple of failed attempts at adoption, I’m sure the next one is the ONE!

I’m about 3 or 4 years old and a handsome man. I was bought into the shelter as a friendly stray and that is exactly what I am. Friendly with a touch of quirkiness.

I enjoy finding a quiet place to rest my head throughout the day but you can peek my interest with the right toy or treat.

I’m hoping to find a home that has fun humans that will let me chill, I am ok with other cats.

I’m sponsored and ready to go home as soon as I meet my match, perhaps that is you?

Likes - Catnip, bird watching & dress ups
Dislikes - Bananas, bad breath & dad jokes

Name: Carla
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: May 5, 2019


Hello, my name is Carla, I’m six years young and I’m looking for a special home.

I have been known to have a fiery personality that is somewhat unpredictable and would be best suited in a home with a body language specialist or at least mature adults that understand personal space.

Don’t get me wrong, I do fancy some affection, but nothing over the top.

If you have been considering finding yourself a companion that is low maintenance but a little quirky, then I am your gal. Just don’t expect us to be sipping cocktails together by the fire on a Sunday night.

Likes - Sudoku, Baywatch & designer shoes
Dislikes - Space invaders, over sharers & team sports

Name: Bert
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Make
Arrival date: April 27, 2019


Hey, I am Bert, I’m a 3 year old dude and as you can tell from my picture I LOVE to sleep. So much so I have made it hard for the resident photographer to get a good picture of me lol.

I’ve been in the shelter life since the beginning of the year, desperately searching for my Ernie, are you my Ernie?

Now an Ernie could be a mom a dad an aunt or an uncle, it could even be a three legged duck or a big brown goat… I am not quite sure who or what but I do know that the penny will eventually drop and I will find my Ernie.

If you think you have what it takes to be my Ernie, come on in and take an audition. You might have to wait for me to wake up, but that will just be the first test of your love.

Name: Eve
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 27, 2019


Hello, my name is Eve…. Yes, as in Eve, the first and MOST important woman that ever lived.

I’m a 6 year old lady with a fiery personality. I’m not scared to tell you what I think about politics, the state of the planet and all my unbiased opinions on good restaurants. I was kicking around relaxing in the sun at The Humane Society of Tinton falls, in the free roaming room when along came two Americans and one Australian... They scooped me up and took me on a trip and then plonked me here in this kind of amazing place and told me all sorts of stories about homes and humans and this word called adoption.... I don’t know if i trust everything they’re telling me, I have heard that Australians are especially good at telling tall tales.... (drop bears, google it!) but if they’re telling the truth then I am definitely most excited to be here.


There’s a few of us calico’s here at the moment, but you can spot me pretty easy, just look for the extra padding around my hips, and I’m the most dignified and by far the best dresser too.


Likes – Adam, Apples & Snakes

Dislikes – Lawyers, lines at the grocery store & Yelp reviewers

Name: Coconut
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 27, 2019


Hi, I’m coconut… I’m 5 years young and full of cattitude. I have a huge personality to match my huge stature. I can be found squeezing into small perches on the cat trees in the window or playing with customers and being surprisingly energetic for my size.

I am pretty easy going, mellow some may say and it would take not too much effort to have me around in your home. I like the company of my feline friends, but I am not afraid to swat the annoying ones away.

Likes – Pina Coladas, Tacos & Mariachi
Dislikes – Smelly feet, road rage & drag races

Name: Linda
Age: 1yr old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: March 28, 2019


Hi, my name is Linda…. I am a spunky little lady, just over a year old.

You can consider me one of the most bravest ladies this café has ever seen! I have not one scared bone in my body… In fact, you should probably air on the side of caution around me… I am quite the firecracker.

I would be most happy to have a cat bud, so if you have a four legged friend at home that needs a friend, please consider me.

I don’t really enjoy the company of those little human things that talk loud and wave things in my face, I would prefer not to live with them. 

I also am not fond of being picked up, so please don’t try!

I am a fan of almost everything else though and will make someone very happy.

I am easy to spot in the crowd because I have the cutest lil beauty spot on my nose, I dare you to try find a better one!?

Likes – Cindy Crawford, Madonna & Pizza
Dislikes – French toast, bourbon & garlic

Name: Seric
Age: 9 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: March 25, 2019

I’m Seric, a 9 year old guy who now finds myself at Catsbury Park for the second time. I was here in April last year and adopted in June. Sadly that didn’t work out the way we had hoped. Not my fault, my adopter thought I might be better with a family or someone who has more time to entertain me.

I’m a big guy who loves to give head hugs and go exploring. I am brave and adventurous checking out all the fun toys and nooks and crannies around Catsbury Park. Staff were amazed with how confident I am and made myself right at home right after arriving.

I am very friendly and will climb right into laps and start purring. So if you’re looking for someone to cuddle, come take a seat and I’ll keep you company.

I look forward to meeting my future furrever family! Maybe that’s you?