Name: Tobias
Age: 10 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: January 17, 2019


Hi, My name is Tobias and I am 10 years young! I’m a beautiful brown tiger tabby and hold my age well.

While the young ones are being adopted left right and center around me, please spare a thought for us older guys who have amazing personalities already developed.

We’re far more house trained than those young ones and statistics show we’re far more likely to enjoy long nights on the couch, sun bathing in windows during the day and loafing around at reasonable hours. I can pretty much guarantee that I’d fit right into any house without much effort at all.

So as fun and exciting as it might be to drool over the kittens, be sure to consider me as a serious option for a new best friend!

Likes – Rice Pudding, sea horses & Morrissey
Dislikes – Modern Art, formal wear & dentures

Name: Lottie
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: January 17, 2019


Hi, I’m Lottie, I think whomever named me forgot to look up the meaning... I’m not tiny & I am definitely not masculine! In fact, I’m a cuddly curvy Tortie with endless expressions and feminine qualities. I’m a listener, a studier and a planner.

Since arriving at Catsbury I have spent some time recovering from my spay surgery, and then lounging anywhere I could away from the kittens.

They mostly all went home yesterday though which is great. Now it’s our turn to shine. I’m only three, but I prefer older cats that can match my interests and intellect.

I’m looking for a human that doesn’t complain, one who works hard and enjoys the finer things in life. Does that sound like you?  

Likes - Fleetwood Mac, hors-d’oeuvres & architecture
Dislikes - French Montana, steak & kidney pie & TMZ

Name: Marylin
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: January 15, 2019


Happy Birthday Mr Pres... Oh wait, it’s not your birthday? Oh I’m sorry... Well let me introduce myself instead. My name is Marylin, I’m a catress, you may have seen me on the silver screen? I’m more than just my career though... I’m a dilute calico, which means my fur is naturally blonde, no bottle jobs here, baby!

I’m really good at hiding from the paparazzi and their cameras so although I’ve been here a few days it took them a while to get a glimpse of me. Someone gave away my location though and after dinner there was no escaping while I dashed back to my house.

I am here with my daughter, pumpernickel, I’m so happy to be here with her, sharing this journey together. I’m only three years old myself. 

Life in Cattywood has been pretty good to me, but I’m done with the fame and fortune, I want to find a house, settle down and read and watch you garden for the rest of my life.

Likes - Goldfish, charity work & carrots
Dislikes - Cleaning, people telling me I’m late & the lack of pay equality

Name: Tigger
Age: 5.5 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: January 9, 2019


Hello I’m Tigger, I’m a five year old dude, with plenty of ‘tude.

In July my previous owner was moving and surrendered me to Humane Society Tinton Falls.

For 5 months I waited patiently at the shelter, hoping that someone would choose me, but that day never came. Christmas passed and the New Year begun and I was still looking for a ticket outta there.

Then along came Catsbury Park who chose me and 5 other friends!! At first I didn’t want to get out of my cage, I hissed and struggled and caused a little bit of a scene... It makes sense though, last time I was put into a carrier I was snatched away from all the things that made my life great, how was I to know I was getting an upgrade?

Now that I am here and can clearly see that this place is awesome and how dedicated they are to finding me the purrfect family, I’m much happier now. Friendliest kid on the playground, just here trying to fit in and share my lunch with all the other kids.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not sitting here hoping for one final upgrade, a ticket to first class accommodation? Do you have what it takes to buy me that ticket? To give me back the life I was enjoying?? I hope so.

Likes - Beastie Boys, remote control helicopters & candy coated almonds
Dislikes - burnt toast, bullies & Rick Astley (clearly his song was a load of crap!)

Name: Sophie
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: January 9, 2019


Hi, I’m Sophie, I’m 6 years old and have the sweetest nature, its hard to believe how I ended up in a shelter, let alone the fact that I was there since March 2018. But as all wise people say, let’s not dwell on the past, let’s look to the future, and that looks ever so bright.

I see a future where I’m curled up on a lap, listening to the crackle of a fire place with the smell of tuna in the air… I see big windows for me to stare out of, counting the squirrels as they scurry past. I see laughter, friendship loyal caretakers who will never leave me again.

Some may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!  

Let’s dream together and create a bond that lasts the rest of time!

Likes – loyal, respectful & dependable humans
Dislikes – Anyone that doesn’t match the details above

Name: Aaron
Age: 8 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: January 9, 2019


Hello, I am Aaron the warrior lion. I’m 8 years old and although that’s considered a senior in cat years I find that completely offensive. I’m perfectly able to do anything my younger comrades can do and I have a lot of roar left in my tank.

I was an owner surrender, so I’m a little at odds with my new life and if you have all day, I will happily tell you all about it. The shelter was absolutely no fun and though I notice a vast improvement its certainly not suitable for long term residence for a serious lion like myself.

The humans here can’t quite figure out if I am a lover or a loner just yet, why don’t you come and visit and be the judge?

I’d like to point out one more thing, I have the whiskers that all other cats dream about, don’t you think?

Likes - Aaron Paul, Aaron Eckhart & Aaron Spelling
Dislikes - anyone else with the name Aaron, water buffalo & road closures (AMIRITE AP?!?!)

Name: Brite
Age: 8 months old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: January 2, 2019


Hello, I’m Mr Briteside, but you can call me Brite. I’m about 8 months old and I’m oozing spunk.

I like to get my pink little nose into everyone’s business, whether it is human or feline… I’m a great listener, I give good advice and I practice a daily dose of humble pie.

I’m not looking for anything fancy. I just want a home that is warm, a few toys to shake around, some food to eat when my belly growls and a soft bed to lay my head at the end of a 15-minute wake up cycle. So yeah, as you can see… Nothing too crazy.

Relocating me to your home may very well be the best decision you have made ALL year! Stick to your resolutions and make those good choices now, starting with me!

Likes – Rhubarb, Pisces & volcanic rock

Dislikes – Winter Olympics, doom metal and Frisbees

Name: Luna (AKA. Grey Luna)
Age: 1.5 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: December 27, 2018


Hi, my name is Luna, but as there’s another Luna here, I’m answering to Grey Luna. I’m only 1.5 years old and super handsome.

I love to explore, feast, relax & sleep… But what really sets me apart from the other felines is my love heart nose!

I was surrendered to the shelter because of allergies…. Pfft!

People laugh when they fill out the application for adoption here at Catsbury Park, as that is one of the questions… You would be surprised how many people don’t consider this before taking us home!

So if you have NO allergies and want the best nose in town to boop with forever, come hang!

Likes – GoT (hurry up April), martinis & winter pyjamas

Dislikes – people with allergies, The Walking Dead & chess

Name: Freckles
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: December 27, 2018


Hello, my name is Freckles and I’m only 4 years young… Perfect age to spread my wings in a new direction.  

I came to Catsbury with my friend Queenie… She thinks she’s special because she has a royal name, but I’m actually the pick of the duo… I have much better fluffy belly, I am cuter, wiser, kinder and definitely smarter.

Orange tabby’s I’m told never last long here so please don’t delay in coming to meet me. I’m looking for humans that have warm beds and pantries full of treats. I’m not too sure if I like dogs, but chillin with cats is totally fine because as I mentioned I was surrendered with another cat. My previous carer sadly was no longer able to care for me due to their poor health.

I hope you can come and visit me, and if you want to be first in line, fill out that application now!

Name: Hershey
Age: 7 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: December 12, 2018


Hey, my name is Hershey, and just like the chocolate I’m a real treat. I am pretty sure in my past life, before arriving to Catsbury I was an only cat because sharing my space with all these cats has been a little overwhelming and mostly I’m enjoying hiding in the quiet quarters.

I would be perfect for a single cat home, with some humans that have patience and some extra time to help me feel comfortable again. I might be 7, and that means I’m a little older than most of the other cats here, but that just means I’m not likely to cause too much trouble in your home, I’m well past the point of potty training and I won’t turf the contents of your closets out on the floor or ruin your best rug.

If you can’t see me in the lounge, just ask our friendly human friends that work here where my current favourite hidey spot is, and if you are lucky I’ll come and give you a head bump.

Name: Luna (Lu)
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: November 3, 2018


Hi There, my name is Luna, but I prefer to be called Lu. I’m about 5 years old, and I’m a tabby with a very distinguished black stripe down my back.

I’m so happy to be at Catsbury Park, I’ve heard that they have helped over 220 other cats find loving homes and that is what I am looking for.

I was an owner surrender, so coming to a shelter was pretty traumatic. Saying good bye to my daily snuggles on a warm couch and swapping it for a cage with a million other cats wasn’t something I was ever seeing for myself.

Now that I am here and free to roam around, I feel a little better, but I will be most happy when I am back on that couch making muffins with my new family.

Please consider adopting me, even though I’m an adult, I will make a great addition to your home and I deserve the very best!