Name: Susie
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 28, 2019


Hi, my name is Susie, I’m 6 years old and currently the only long-haired Tuxedo at the café, I’m special!

I was owner surrendered back in November last year…. I wasn’t told why, I was just bought to the shelter and told that this was my new life.

I am a little bit of a slow burner…. Which means I don’t give too much away to anyone right off the bat. But if you put in the effort I begin to trust you and then slowly but surely the head bumps and purring begins.

I’m looking for someone that wont ever surrender me, someone that will love me until the very last day of my life. If you’re ready to make that commitment, then please some and meet me. No time wasters, please!

While you’re here, grab a brush…. My gorgeous mane needs all the grooming it can get.

Likes – John Fogarty, Dracula & upside down pineapple cake
Dislikes – Spiders, face painting & soy milk

Name: Pepsi
Age: Almost 6 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 28, 2019


Hi, my name is Pepsi, I’m almost 6 years old. I’m soft as a cloud and as sweet as apple pie.

I used to be part of an outdoor colony and our caretaker was moving away after years of feeding and caring for us. They tried to find us homes but the ones they couldn’t they surrendered to a shelter. That was back in August of last year and although I am super friendly, I am very timid.

I love the company of other cats though and have been following fellow Catsbury resident, Susie around like a shadow. I think I would love a home with a friend. I would also do better in a home that is quiet and has a lot of space for me to hide and relax and do things my own way.

Name: Molly
Age: Almost 7 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 28, 2019


Hello, I am so happy to meet your smiling face today. My name is Molly and I’m almost 7 years old, so I am approaching my twilight years and just want to find a new beginning as fast as possible so I can go back to being a happy go lucky gal.

My previous owner passed away and my sibling and I weren’t able to stay within the family so we were bought to a shelter.

My sister was adopted almost straight away, but for some reason…. I am still waiting. Catsbury Park like a challenge though so they have taken me in and have told me all about the community of good folk that visit them daily and how age is just a number here and that I can be the cat I want to be and no matter what, they will find me a home.

Likes – French fries, Danny DeVito & Marching bands
Dislikes – Pigs in blankets, Antarctica & elephants

Name: Bert
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Make
Arrival date: April 27, 2019


Hey, I am Bert, I’m a 3 year old dude and as you can tell from my picture I LOVE to sleep. So much so I have made it hard for the resident photographer to get a good picture of me lol.

I’ve been in the shelter life since the beginning of the year, desperately searching for my Ernie, are you my Ernie?

Now an Ernie could be a mom a dad an aunt or an uncle, it could even be a three legged duck or a big brown goat… I am not quite sure who or what but I do know that the penny will eventually drop and I will find my Ernie.

If you think you have what it takes to be my Ernie, come on in and take an audition. You might have to wait for me to wake up, but that will just be the first test of your love.

Name: Pocahontas
Age: 10 months old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 27, 2019 


Hello, my name is Pocahontas… My namesake sought to bring peace between her people and colonists. I think they picked the wrong character for me though… I’m still learning how to be nice to humans, but in all fairness so far humans may not have been that nice to me. So I need someone to bring peace to me… 

I am an owner surrender which means someone gave up on me…. Someone didn’t love me enough to let me grow up and learn about love and trust and companionship.

I am looking for a human that doesn’t give up easily (even if I hiss at them for the first week), I’m looking for someone that answers my ignorance with affection. Someone that will teach me about unconditional love and how to be brave and graceful and most importantly how to have fun.

If you’re up for the challenge, please speak to the staff here at Catsbury Park, I might not look like I want to meet you, but I do, I just don’t know how good it can be yet and I need you to show me.

Likes – Science, Chess & Spelling Bees
Dislikes – Frankenstein, Cat Supremacists & blow outs

Name: Goldilocks
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 27, 2019


Hello, my name is Goldilocks, I’m 2 years old but I am tiny…. Everyone keeps thinking I am a kitten… But I am not! I have the cutest pink nose and the softest fur. I was transferred to a shelter in March from another shelter and it’s unclear how long I was there and where I was before then.  I heard a human say that it’s pretty clear that I need a lot of love and encouragement. They would be right… I’m starting to realize this love thing is pretty cool.

Since arriving here I’ve enjoyed the company of the other kitties so I would love to go home with a friend, or perhaps you have a friend at home that will be my friend?

Likes – Bears, Porridge & Bed
Dislikes – Wolves, fairy tales & George Jetson

Name: Eve
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 27, 2019


Hello, my name is Eve…. Yes, as in Eve, the first and MOST important woman that ever lived.

I’m a 6 year old lady with a fiery personality. I’m not scared to tell you what I think about politics, the state of the planet and all my unbiased opinions on good restaurants. I was kicking around relaxing in the sun at The Humane Society of Tinton falls, in the free roaming room when along came two Americans and one Australian... They scooped me up and took me on a trip and then plonked me here in this kind of amazing place and told me all sorts of stories about homes and humans and this word called adoption.... I don’t know if i trust everything they’re telling me, I have heard that Australians are especially good at telling tall tales.... (drop bears, google it!) but if they’re telling the truth then I am definitely most excited to be here.


There’s a few of us calico’s here at the moment, but you can spot me pretty easy, just look for the extra padding around my hips, and I’m the most dignified and by far the best dresser too.


Likes – Adam, Apples & Snakes

Dislikes – Lawyers, lines at the grocery store & Yelp reviewers

Name: Copper
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: April 27, 2019


Hey there, my name is Copper!

Has anyone googled the definition of Copper lately?

I have…. 

Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cu (from Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29. It is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. A freshly exposed surface of pure copper has a pinkish-orange color.


Yeah… That sure does sound like me. I am soft, I am malleable and I will definitely keep your lap warm.


I not long ago celebrated my first birthday, so I’m still pretty young and will make a great addition to many types of homes.


Did you know it’s been scientifically proven that your home is happier with cats? Let me prove it, come and adopt me today!


Likes – Coin collections, policemen & scientifically proven facts

Dislikes – Wives tales, Urban myths & aluminium

Name: Coconut
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 27, 2019


Hi, I’m coconut… I’m 5 years young and full of cattitude. On day one I was growling and scowling, day two I was hiding and staring but on the third day I was purring and making muffins… I have no doubt that as the days continue to roll around I will feel more and more like being in this new place.

I was bought to the shelter with my fellow cat-friend Brown Sugar…. The gentlemen said that he didn’t know who we belonged to but found us walking the streets… We didn’t have a microchip, so after staying at the shelter on a hold and having no one claim us we were transported here.

I know why though, because in the few short days since my arrival I have met so many nice people and this gives me tremendous hope that one day one of these nice people are going to want to adopt me.

I have absolutely no idea if Brown Sugar were friends before we were surrendered together but wouldn’t it be just lovely if we got to go home together?

Likes – Pina Coladas, Tacos & Mariachi

Dislikes – Smelly feet, road rage & drag races

Name: Tyler
Age: 11months old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: March 28, 2019


Hey there,

My name is Tyler and I’m a sneaky little tuxie that likes to play, wrestle, eat and sleep….

I was picked up as a stray… But judging from my personality it’s probably more likely that I was someone’s kitten and they decided they didn’t want me anymore and turfed me onto the streets.

At least I know that won’t happen to me again because team Catsbury are going to find me the perfect home! I’m hoping to find one with cat siblings as I love to play and have a lot of energy. I would be perfect for a busy home, with lots of people and toys to play with.

You can easily pick me out of the crowd by the two cute black markings on my nose.

Likes – WWE, Google & Penguins
Dislikes – Sky diving, The Rolling Stones & bagpipes

Name: Linda
Age: 1yr old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: March 28, 2019


Hi, my name is Linda…. I am a spunky little lady, just over a year old.

You can consider me one of the most bravest ladies this café has ever seen! I have not one scared bone in my body… In fact, you should probably air on the side of caution around me… I am quite the firecracker.

I would be most happy to have a cat bud, so if you have a four legged friend at home that needs a friend, please consider me.

I don’t really enjoy the company of those little human things that talk loud and wave things in my face, I would prefer not to live with them. 

I also am not fond of being picked up, so please don’t try!

I am a fan of almost everything else though and will make someone very happy.

I am easy to spot in the crowd because I have the cutest lil beauty spot on my nose, I dare you to try find a better one!?

Likes – Cindy Crawford, Madonna & Pizza
Dislikes – French toast, bourbon & garlic

Name: Seric
Age: 9 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: March 25, 2019

I’m Seric, a 9 year old guy who now finds myself at Catsbury Park for the second time. I was here in April last year and adopted in June. Sadly that didn’t work out the way we had hoped. Not my fault, my adopter thought I might be better with a family or someone who has more time to entertain me.

I’m a big guy who loves to give head hugs and go exploring. I am brave and adventurous checking out all the fun toys and nooks and crannies around Catsbury Park. Staff were amazed with how confident I am and made myself right at home right after arriving.

I am very friendly and will climb right into laps and start purring. So if you’re looking for someone to cuddle, come take a seat and I’ll keep you company.

I look forward to meeting my future furrever family! Maybe that’s you?

Name: Fiona
Age: 2.5 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: March 20, 2019


Hello my name is Fiona,

I’ve been at Catsbury for a week and mostly I love this cool cat tree I have claimed as my own palace.

I can be found asleep in the cave down below or sitting on one of the perches pondering life’s mysteries.

I was was caught in a trap in August last year in Colts Neck and bought to the Humane Society where I have been until now… Waiting patiently for a forever friend.

I would do great in a multi cat home because I’ve really enjoyed having a snuggle with some pals here and I think a sibling will help me with my shy tendencies.

Look forward to meeting you!

Likes - Apples, art pop & activism
Dislikes - people that don’t have OCD, the Affleck brothers & McDonalds

Name: Saki
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: February 9, 2019


Hello, My name is Saki, I’m a 6 year old fella with a big bod and a big heart!

I am a special boy because I was chosen to come to Catsbury Park through an urgent rescue request. You see I’ve failed to go to the dentist and that has left my mouth in disarray…

That’s all about to change though, thanks to generous strangers that have come together and donated to my dental fund. I’m not thrilled about losing some of my teeth, but the nice humans keep telling me once I recover I’m going to feel so much better!  

I would love to go to a home that continues to care about my health and takes me for regular dentals so that I never have to experience this discomfort ever again. I don’t think that is too much to ask? 

Dental hygiene is very important for cats, left untreated it can lead to all sorts of other health issues!

I’ve been a bit of a loner since arriving at Catsbury, but time will tell if that is my true personality or if maybe I’m just taking some time to get comfy. I love them belly rubs that keep coming my way though, so come visit me and see for yourself!

Likes – Darth Vader, horror films & ping pong
Dislikes – Getting my blood taken, being restrained & rom coms