Name: Natalie
Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female
Arrival date: July 10, 2018

Hello, my name is Natalie…. I am beautiful muted calico and I’m only two!!

I am full of personality, and as any young cat is, I’m into looking around and checking out everything, sneaking treats as often as possible, and of course playing with anyone and anything. I’m also partial to an afternoon nap (cat’s don’t know how long afternoons are and sometimes their naps start in the early morning and stretch out until dinner… oh the life, AM I RIGHT?)….

I love playing with my furry friends I’ve met since living here so I would be great in a multi pet home, and I’m also friendly with kids.

I’ve already had a lot of interest in my first week here at Catsbury, so if you think I am the cat for you, head over to their website and fill out that application form and come and meet me!

Name: Ming
Age: 10 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: July 10, 2018

 Hi, my name is Ming, and I’m super special. I’m a snowshoe, and I’m the first of my kind to reside at Catsbury Park.

The good folk here at Catsbury Park picked me because they could tell that I needed a lot of extra love and attention. You see, I am extremely shy and need a lot of reassurance, and they know that between the staff, volunteers & visitors, I will get just that here.

I was found walking the streets of Spring Lake, and was not claimed, which is incredibly unusual for a cat like me.

I would be perfect as your one and only so that I could learn to be confident and comfortable in my surroundings. Even though I am shy, I love lap snuggles and head scratches, so I would be perfect for a home that has room for an extra snuggly companion.

Even though I am 10, I still have a lot of life left to live, and a lot of love to give, I hope that you would  consider meeting me.

Name: Kahlua
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: June 20th, 2018

Hey there, I’m Kahlua, and just like the drink I’m sweet and decadent.

I’m a beautiful brown tiger tabby and I’m super friendly. Take a seat and I will likely jump into your lap. Pick up a ball and I will likely play some fetch with you. Especially if you have a handful of treats (or meat tubes, they’re my favourite!).

I am not phased by sharing my space with all the other cats here, so I think I would be great in a multi pet home, just as long as you and the other furry friends know I’m the boss.

Name: Black Jack
Age: 8 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: June 20th, 2018

Hi, my name is Black Jack, but you can call me Jack if you like.

I’m 8 years young, but apparently that’s considered a senior in cat years. I’m quite playful for a big boy, and when I am not playing cards, or roulette you can catch me sleeping or eating.

I don’t really know my back story, but I’m just grateful that I found my way out of the shelter and into this cool place, because I hear CP community adores seniors and it won’t be hard at all for me to find a forever home here.

Look forward to meeting you, and be sure to give my chin a good scratch!

Name: Sheena
Age: 9 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 21, 2018

Hi! I’m Sheena, I’m a graceful grey tabby with a heart of gold.

It became clear from the moment I arrived at Catsbury Park that I would become a favourite around here, so don’t wait too long to come and meet me.

I am very friendly, inquisitive and so far, very well behaved. I see a lot of adventures on my horizon. I’m also pretty chuffed, the folks here at Catsbury Park told me there’s a song by the Ramone’s all about me…. They were right, I am a punk rocker!!

I was owner surrendered due to my owner’s poor health, so I’m really looking forward to meeting someone that has a lot of love and life to give me.

I get along really well with my new furry friends here at the café, so I think I would be great in a multi pet home, but just as happy as your one and only.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Name: Ruby
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Female
Arrival date: April 21, 2018

Hello, I’m Ruby…. Previously from the streets of Asbury Park, rescued by the Feline Father, fostered by the wonderful volunteers at CP and now residing here at the café.

I’m looking for an extra special home. Not that I require any special care, but I am still a bit tough from my life on the road, so I need a home that has experience with socializing cats. If you’re a foster or have fostered street cats before, you would be perfect.

I have no doubt that provided the right environment and person to call my own I’m going to be a wonderful addition to your home. I have already made a lot of progress.

I would prefer to find a home without other cats, and probably wouldn’t be the greatest friend to kids... They scare me at the moment.

I am especially interested in treats and dinner time, food is definitely the path to my heart.

If you think you have what it takes, please ask the volunteers or staff here to introduce you to me. I don’t venture into the lounge too often, but I have my own special safe space which they can take you to.

Name: Willow
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Arrival date: March 26, 2018

Well hello there, my name is Willow… I’m an adventurous little princess.

I was found and rescued late last year, I was stuck in a tree and after no one ever came to claim me, Catsbury Park rescued me and haven’t regretted it since.

I’m super friendly and will be great in a home with other cats or a home all to myself. I love exploring, playing and well…. Sleeeping, but that’s a given… Right?

I look forward to meeting you!

Name: Nugget
Age: 1.5 years old
Gender: Male
Arrival date: March 15, 2018

Hello, I am a sweet little boy named Nugget, and I’m not long turned one.

I am super shy when it comes to humans, but thrive off having cat buddies.

I would love to go home with my new best friend Pepper, or one of my other friends here. Or maybe you have a friend at home that would be a perfect best friend.

I hope you come to visit me soon, if you can’t see me, ask one of the friendly volunteers to show you where I’m hiding.

Name: Skylar
Age: 6 Years
Gender: Female
Arrival date: January 3, 2018

Hello, I’m Skylar and I have just turned 6…. I’m super sweet and sensitive.

I am an owner surrender (my old owner became homeless) and I previously lived with other cats and dogs, so I would be a purrfect addition to a multi pet home but would be just as happy to be your one and only.

I came to Catsbury Park by way of the Jersey Shore Animal Foundation, they said that when they were looking through the shelters I was particularly friendly and knew right away that I would find someone special here at Catsbury.

When I arrived, I was a little shy, so if you come to visit me and you can’t see me, just ask our friendly staff to take you to the quiet room.