+ What is a Cat Cafe?

Cat Cafes started in Asia nearly 20 years ago and due to popularity began making their way to the United States a few years ago. In essence, a cat cafe is a way for the public to interact with cats in a unique, social, non-shelter environment. In the United States there are now several Cat Cafes and most offer various drinks, food, snacks, merchandise (mostly cat-themed) for sale, as well as a “cat lounge” in which you can take the items you have purchased at the cafe into and enjoy all while surrounded by 10-15 adorable, loving cats. All of the cats in Catsbury Park's cat lounge will be available for adoption. Catsbury Park will be the first Cat Cafe in New Jersey!

+ Who is Catsbury Park?

We are a New Jersey 501(c) non-profit corporation with the goal of helping as many kittens and cats find loving homes through various channels. As many of you who followed us on social media might know, we started fostering out of our home in the summer of 2016 and were able to place 37 kittens with forever homes within our first 2 months. We also want to create a space where the public can learn about cats, interact with them, and potentially take them home. We still hope to continue fostering kittens but Catsbury Park Tea House & Cat Lounge itself will focus on adult cats who, while available for adoption, are residents of the cafe and interact with customers. We also feel that Asbury Park, our favorite place, needs a tea lounge and have focused on providing high-end tea service to provide the best experience for those who come to spend time with our cats!

+ Where do your cats come from?

At the moment we have partnered with two different shelters within the state. The Monmouth County SPCA and Camden County Animal Shelter. All of the cats that arrive at Catsbury Park have been medically cleared as healthy by the shelters and by Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital who we are working closely with.

+ Can I bring my cat(s) to the lounge?

Unfortunately no. In order to provide a safe, comfortable, and stress-free environment for our cats while they are with us we cannot allow any cats that are not Catsbury Park cats to be interested. Don't worry, your cat isn't interested in coming to our lounge either. We will have a variety of unique cat items for purchase, many of which are from local vendors. Our trained staff and volunteers can help you pick out a gift to appease your cats at home (or your own guilt for playing with "other" cats, the nerve!).

+ There is a cute kitten/cat in my backyard. Can you come get him? Can I drop him off at the lounge?

Although we are committed to helping as many at-risk cats as we can, we simply can not take cats or kittens from the public under any circumstance. Doing so puts all of our cats at risk, and we are not a qualified shelter. If you have found a cat or kitten please contact your local shelter. These people/organizations are equipped and trained to handle these sorts of situations.

+ How can I help support Catsbury Park?

Buying our merchandise is one of the best and easiest ways to help support all our efforts. Not only do the proceeds go directly to us, you also help spread the word and look pretty cool doing it! We do accept donations as well, which are tax-deductible. Every little bit helps.

+ Can I work/volunteer at Catsbury Park?

We will always be in need of good, reliable, kind-hearted cat lovers to help out. Once we are closer to opening our storefront we will post employment and volunteer applications on our website. We appreciate all the interest and offers to help.

+ Are you looking for pet friendly accomodation in the Asbury area?

If you're looking for pet friendly accomodation in the Asbury area, a friend of Catsbury Park can point you in the right direction, send an email to Shannon Mitchell for more information.