Here are some of our favorite success stories from Catsbury Park!

CAT'S NAME: Larry David

We came to know little Larry David through our friends, Jen and DJ. He was a teeny kitten with a crushed paw that we were told would probably need to be amputated, and needed constant care and one on one love (Jen and DJ had probably a dozen cats at their residence at the time). I excitedly said yes, but my husband, Cory was a little hesitant as we already have two rescue cats, Lettuce and Lemon, and he knew I'd plead to keep the third. After a few weeks of TLC, I asked our vet to change his cast: He was such a little baby and was going potty on it regularly when I wasn't looking and we couldn't get it any cleaner! To all of our surprise when she took the cast off his paw was almost completely healed! Larry was ready to head back to Jen and DJ and the general population of Catsbury, but he had already secured his spot in our hearts and home (as I'm pretty sure Jen knew would happen all along 😏). We were pleasantly surprised at how well our other cats handled the addition of a kitten and we can't imagine our home without our weird little baby anymore!

CATS' NAMES: Play & Toni

As many of you know, DJ and I have two amazing adult cats Cleopatra (Cleo) and Maimuta (Moo) who we spoil with love, lots of attention, and greenies (of course). I adopted Cleo when she was 8 months old (she is almost 10 now!) and Moo at barely 3 weeks when a friend found him walking on a busy San Francisco sidewalk. I coddled and bottle-fed Moo who was a difficult and demanding kitten (still is at 9 years old, such a baby). DJ, who credits falling in love with Moo as part inspiration for Catsbury Park, did not have as much experience with kittens (he sure does now!). To address this, and because I heart kittens, I suggested Catsbury Park foster last summer. DJ and I agreed that if we did foster, we could not keep any because we already had two wonderful cats. Okay, maybe I said we could not keep more than one?

Our first litter of kittens were dropped off on Wednesday and by Saturday night I was holding the biggest of the litter in my arms, a fluffy gray tabby, and crying to DJ that I had to keep him. This kitten became our Klay, who will be a year-old next month. Klay is the most athletic of our five (keep reading!) cats and is smart as a whip. He has an inquisitive sharp little face, and likes to be as high up in the house as possible with his paws draped over whatever ledge he is on--watching the action. I call Klay my secret love, because he prefers not to be picked up or held, but when I am in bed (night or early morning), he meows his little chirp until he finds me. As he has done since we first brought him into “general population” he lays on my chest with his paws around my neck (kneading with claws can hurt if not trimmed) and nibbles at my ears and licks my face. He is adored by all of our cats, especially Moo (even though Moo bites off Klay’s whiskers). But when he first joined our family, Klay drove Cleo and Moo crazy because he always wanted to play—but Queen Cleo likes her naps. Klay would sit with his head cocked, puzzled, in front of the foster room door, intermittently sticking a paw under trying to connect with the kittens inside. We cannot have four cats DJ and I reminded each other.

Enter the famous “pasta” litter we fostered from Camden. The only male and largest pasta, Rigatoni (now referred to more often as Toni), was a real Casanova. From the foster room if Toni heard anyone in the adjacent bathroom, he would cry loudly until someone came to pick him up (Toni remains our most vocal cat, and he is not even our Siamese!). Upon entering the room, he would put his little paws on our legs and demand to be picked up so he could nuzzle into our necks, put his little pink face into ours and cover us in kisses. All it took was DJ telling me that if I wanted to keep Toni, he wouldn’t be mad about it. Klay was so happy with a playful little brother to tumble with and chase around. Now 10 months old Toni will not allow me to go to the bathroom without holding him. He runs in when he hears the door open, keeps his front legs stick straight in the air as I pick him up until he can put them around my neck—where he purrs and holds on as if his life depended on it. Yes, I can use the bathroom and often dress myself while holding an eleven-pound white cat. I welcome suggestions for the shower, which Toni sits outside of and cries. He is the snuggle-bug we loved at first sight, with as big and playful a personality as his name suggests. As the end of August approached, with two cats, two kittens, and the two us—we assumed our bicoastal family was complete.

But what about Lil’ Brian? Klay and Toni are momma’s boys, so it made sense for me to write our adoption story for them. But “little” Brian only has eyes for daddy.

ADOPTERS: Brett and Lauren
CAT'S NAME - Chico 

Chico literally fought for months to be a part of our family.  He made us bond because It was the first time any living thing depended on us working together.  When we met Chico, we didn't plan on bringing a kitten home. But we just could not put him down! He was the tiniest kitten in the bunch. He was nestled up in our arms searching for warmth and love. We fell in love with him right away.  When we brought him home we noticed that he was breathing heavy and wheezing very loud.  He was so weak and sick for the first couple weeks.  After 3 different vets told us "there is a possibility he just won't make it". We resorted to the only remedy we know,  cuddles, kisses and Unconditional love and affection.  Soon we noticed a healthy, playful and strong kitten! I think the bond we have with him is so extreme because of his very rough start to his life! Thank you Catsbury Park for giving us our best furry little friend!


STORY: I moved from LA to NY last year to get married and asked my husband if instead of having a baby I could get cats. I specifically wanted two from the same litter because my husband and I are sometimes away for long stretches of time for work or school, and when I heard from a friend Dean was fostering a buttload of kittens I rushed over, made sure I didn't smell like anyone or anything and said "I'll see who wants to climb in my purse and come home with me." Pretty much as soon as I got there, my two furballs actually did climb into my purse and my decision was made for me. They were both pretty sick when they came home from being in a shelter - Skeletor kept headbutting my face and then sneezing green snot all over it, and I had to repeatedly unglue poor Butter's eyes and get her to the vet for conjunctivitis. We thought she was gonna have a fat butt but it turns out she'd been mostly blind for the first couple weeks, and after that they were fine. Skeletor is the friendliest, most affectionate kitten (and cat) I've ever met, and Butter is actually just as needy although she's bad at demanding attention like her brother (or maybe just isn't such a ham.) They're both ridiculous, like I taught Skel to play fetch and now he'll demand it relentlessly for up to 6 hours straight, and mildly concussed himself running head first into a wall a week ago chasing a toy. Butter thinks she's an owl and creeps the hell out of me by peeking her head of somewhere above my head and making me scream like a little girl, lol. She's also comically afraid of any bodily function sound (like a sneeze or cough) but has THE WORST FARTS EVER. When I get home from a trip I'll climb in bed with them and they take turns rotating from my chest to my feet for the next 8 hours. They're one of the best decisions I ever made :).

CAT'S NAME: Tupelo Honey aka Tupes

STORY: Adopting tootsie roll, now Tupelo Honey aka Tupes, was the best thing we ever did. Everyone who meets her falls in love instantly. I mean, how couldn't you with a face like this?! 
The most common reaction from our friends is "I don't even like cats, but she's the coolest". She always wants to meet new friends and loves to play 24/7. I do think that's because you did such a great job socializing her from such a young age.

She loves straws, watching anything out the window, playing fetch, and catching any toy you throw at her with her little white paws. (I know you're wondering if I'm talking about a dog or a cat).


STORY: I have to give credit to Shannon Mitchell, an amazing person and animal lover. I never thought I would have a cat, definitely not 2. I'm not sure how it happened, but Shannon and my son Chris talked me into going to Catsbury. Shannon had already picked out 2 beautiful kittens for me to "look" at. They brought them to my house when they were old enough and we decided to keep them. We fell in love with them. They have been so much fun to play with and just watch them together.

I have to send thanks to DJ and Jenn for helping me with no adoption fee and other help they gave me. Love you, DJ❤️

I have no regrets, they make every day a happy day🐈"


STORY: Spaghetti is doing awesome!!!! She is as playful as ever and seems to live up to the fun and wild definition of a kitten! In fact, she's already made a name for herself at our vet because every time we bring her there for shots, check-ups etc., she is climbing, jumping and trying to tear-up the room so much so that her spunkyness is already legendary there! 

Spaghetti has been an amazing addition to our family and literally everyone who's met her instantly loves her. So many people have told me that it makes their day to see all the pictures that I post of her, and that's very cool to hear!! It still blows my mind that we found her and she fits in the way she does- we feel truly blessed to have her in our family. 

Before I met Spaghetti, I was still mourning the unexpected passing of my cat Sunny a year earlier. She was only 7 years old and was my bff, so it was devastating. I wasn't in the market for a new feline friend but I was lonely because Sunny was always by my side. I ran into DJ and we got to chatting about Catsbury Park and I told him that I was kind of interested in a cat but not just to get one- I had to have a connection with one. I gave him some criteria and he said he'd be on the lookout for me. Cut to a few weeks later and I had seen a few posts about the "pasta litter" on instagram and I started to feel interested. Then one night, I was getting off work around 1130 pm and saw a picture posted of Spaghetti (posted below) and that was it! I knew at that moment, I had to have her!!! With that one picture, I fell instantly in love!!!!!! And it took all my might not to text DJ at 1130pm and say I wanted that cat!! Haha!! I was able to hold off until the next morning to talk to DJ, we met Spaghetti the next day, she cuddled onto me, and the rest is history! 

Spaghetti is so fun and so lovable! She loves to cuddle me and sleeps on my chest at night or she'll sleep with my 4 year old son, right at the edge of his feet! She's kind of a bruiser too! Nothing is too high for her to climb on or too far for her to jump on. She loves to explore and squeeze into the teeniest spaces in the house! She also is a daredevil and spends a lot of time trying to divebomb our super old and slow yellow lab! Spaghetti will stalk the dog from the counter and reach down and grab her fur!! Or when the dog is sleeping on the couch, Spaghetti will pop-up from the ground right in front of the dog and tap her on the nose!!! It's hysterical to watch!! 

We are still in amazement of the good fortune we had to meet Spaghetti and to be able to adopt her! We talk about it constantly- we will forever be grateful to DJ, Jen, and Catsbury Park for bringing this sweet, lovable (and crazy) kitty into our lives!!!!


STORY: "I have always loved cats and always had several at a time growing up with my mom. Out on my own I had no intentions of adopting one of my own because I know kittens are a huge responsibility and I didn't know if I was really up for it. Until I saw this beautiful little angel muffin on the Catsbury Park instagram and immediately messaged to see if she was still available. I went to meet her the next day and it was love at first meow, I swear. Since I brought her home that day, we have been inseparable. Even though at the beginning she needed eye drops twice a day and antibiotics three times a day, and she would wake me up at 5 am for treats (which she still does every morning because she is spoiled and it's all my fault), I didn't mind because she's my little cat soulmate.We even have matching eyeliner. And I know every day when I get home from work, she'll be there to meow at me and bully me into giving her more treats and I will do it,because she is now a grown ass woman, and she is the boss."


STORY: Here's my story about how I came to adopt Lyanna and how life has been with her since:

Back in July 2016 I went to see a favorite band of mine, Cayetana, open for the Bouncing Souls at the Stone Pony. Outside the show they were handing out Catsbury Park flyers. I love cats and looked up exactly what the deal was the next day. I followed the instagram and Facebook pages. Then found out the next week you were waiving adoption fees. Now I had just moved out of my parents house and while I always planned on adopting a cat when I moved out, I also planned on giving myself some time before taking on the responsibility. But I decided to contact you guys anyway and go meet the kittens.

I don't think wasn't really any reason why I picked Lyanna (at the time Charlie), and on the ride home with her crying in her carrier I was scared I had done this too quickly was making a huge mistake for both me and her. Well almost immediately I realized I was wrong. I absolutely made the right decision and I love her with everything I've got. Even if she does hate being held, refuses to eat all but two very specific kinds of food, and occasionally poops wherever she feels like it. Fortunately that last one hasn't happened in a while. She's made great friends with my roomies' cat Spooks (on the left in the picture). She greets me when I come home from work every day without fail.

I'm so grateful to you guys (and less directly Cayetana) for leading me to Lyanna. Thank you and I'm looking forward to visiting the cafe.


STORY: I am so very fortunate to have found my 2 partners in crime, Cash and Carter through Catsbury Park. I have one male seal point Siamese and a female black cat. When I saw the two sisters, I knew I had to adopt them. They were the spitting image of my two adult cats. What are the chances of that?

They were very feral, as you know when I first adopted them. They were super timid and didn't really want to be approached at all. Since their adoption, they have since warmed up immensely and are like totally different kitties.It took patience, socializing and TLC from both my adult cats Edgar and Petunia and my family but they are a dream. We are so grateful for you guys and we cannot wait to come and see the new location!