Here are some of our favorite success stories from Catsbury Park!

ADOPTER: Kathleen
ADOPTED: February 2018

I cannot tell you how absolutely in love with our kitty “Mi-Mi “we are (formerly “Purse” ) that we adopted from your amazing house of love! She was absolutely meant to be ours . Our other cat, Miu-Miu has fallen deeply in love with her!  At first we were not sure if Miu-Miu would be accepting of another cat as he was “The King” of the house. But Mi-Mi has become his Queen.

I cannot express our gratitude deeply enough for our blessing in calling her our own. Many blessings to your wonderful organization for all you do for these precious kitties.

ADOPTER: Chris & Candy
CAT’S NAME: Rusty & Monty
ADOPTED: January 2018

As you can see from the pictures, Rusty and Monty are quite content here in their Forever Home!  Rusty continues to adore his "father," following him around the house like a puppy.  Monty is a streak of energy, and difficult to photograph because he darts about; however, he quite happily sleeps most of the day away!  Both cats are loving and sweet, and we are happy to call them ours.

Thank you for your terrific work!

ADOPTED: January 2018

Linda is doing great, we have since moved and she has made herself at home. She's taken ownership of a few key areas around the house, couch, by the window. She's in good health and has integrated well with my other cats but she's definitely a people cat and is usually following one of us round the house talking as she goes.

CAT’S NAME: Mayhem & Flo
ADOPTED: January 2018

Thank you for reaching out, it just solidifies how much you guys care about what you're doing and shows your love for all the furbabies that come your way. Mayhem and Flo are doing great! They're best friends, and they love to snuggle with us and each other. Flo is playful and adventurous and Mayhem is chill and loves to eat. They sleep with us every night, follow me throughout the house on my morning routine and love to beg for whatever I'm cooking for dinner. They're spoiled little smooshes...they have their own bedroom and are excited for the outdoor cat enclosure we are building for them. We are so lucky to have found these two, and we love them more and more everyday. Thank you so much for everything you do!!


ADOPTED: January 2018

Snoop is doing great! We fall more in love with him every day - he has such a fantastic personality and we can't get enough of him. He really completes our little family. Snoop and I wake up every morning around 7 (although he wakes up at 5 most mornings) and after his breakfast we have some play time. John joins us for some coffee, treats, and play time before John and I head to work and Snoop keeps run of the apartment. He greats us each evening when we get home from work and we enjoy more fetch time and lounging. He loves to sit on all the window sills and check out the out doors. He's ventured out onto the balcony several times and is continuing to get more comfortable being out there (he's still a bit nervous but clearly wants to check things out). He curls up next to us at night, either with his head on the pillow next to mine or at mine and John's feet. He's friendly with everyone who comes over and likes to be right in the middle of the action. We seriously think we got "the best" cat! John and I feel so lucky he chose us that day at the cafe. He's such a joy in our life.

Snoop has an active Instagram account! You can find him at Snoop_thepolydactylcat . We post almost every day.

I'm attaching a few photos of him for you. He's grown a couple pounds since the cafe, but we think he is pretty much full grown now - probably around 11 pounds (although he does get his fair share of treats between the two of us and our friends). 

Thank you again for all you do for the cats in our area! We feel so lucky to have you as part of our community (if you might remember, we're local Asbury Park residents). We love coming into the cafe to see you and the cats. We try to come as much as we can and always buy some extra litter as a donation when we get Snoop's. 

Keep up the awesome work! 

ADOPTED: February 2018

When I met Penny, at the time named Mushi, I turned into a puddle of mush at her feet. After all, she is stunning with her bright green eyes and bold facial features! It took 15 minutes before I attempted to pet another cat at the café; keyword being attempted... As soon as I went to take my hand away she wrapped her paws around my wrist and pulled me closer. It was meant to be! When I finally had to leave she came out of her teepee to make one last effort to have me stay. Needless to say I didn't hesitate to put in an application and I think it was fate!

Once Penny realized she had her own place to rule, she claimed the title Queen P. She oversees all the birds in her Kingdom, requests frequent face pets, and holds spontaneous game sessions whenever she pleases. Her secret weapon is her stinky farts which she unleashes if you try to avoid her beckon for chest scratches.

I am so so grateful to have found her and will be a forever fan of Catsbury Park!

ADOPTER: Danielle
CAT’S NAME: Hypatia
ADOPTED: January 2018

Hypatia (Magic), also known as Hypey, is so sweet, endearing, and lovable. She truly is our baby girl. Unlike our other kitty, Hypey loves attention and clings to any being who enters our home. If you attempt to stop petting her, she'll nudge you as a dog would to continue again. Some of her hobbies include rubbing her teeth against the corner of any laptop, consuming food (she has a pudgy belly now), sunbathing, long stares out of the living room window and participating in "Cat WrestleMania" with her kitty brother, Nietzsche. CWM occurs any time after 2:00am and typically on top of whichever friend is sleeping in our guestroom. Hypey is one of a kind and we are so thankful!

ADOPTED: February 2018

Kody (aka Frosty) is settling wonderfully in his new home! He is letting his playful and loving personality shine each and every day. He loves to play with his toys and carries them all around the house. He doesn’t let his partial blindness get in his way—he is running, jumping, and exploring non-stop! Kody loves a good catnap, especially next to his mama or any human he can nuzzle up next to. He has warmed up to his doggie sister and brother. Although they haven’t become best friends quite yet, with some patience and love, we see progress every day! Thank you, Catsbury, for bringing Kody to our family and for giving all of your kitties a lifetime of happiness!

ADOPTER: Shannon
CAT’S NAME: Sir Winston Jefferson
ADOPTED: January 2018

Winston (full name is Sir Winston Jefferson - lol) is doing great! He has the funniest/weirdest little personality... he still wakes me up everyday with a meow and a paw to the face followed by him laying on me and purring. Nothing makes him happier than treats or his brush! I am so happy I get to love this fluffy guy every day!!

ADOPTER: Melinda
CAT’S NAME: Mackie & Millie
ADOPTED: January 2018

What a joy to have our two fur babies enrich our lives.  

McKenna (who we call "Mac" or "Mackie") is so very verbal that we have abandoned our alarm clocks.  She is definitely the Queen of the roost.  She will, in no uncertain terms, let you know that she is ready for breakfast and will "talk" to you throughout the day about how things are going.  This was Millie when we adopted her in January.

She is much less "skittish" and frightened and will, at times, allow us to hold her. She is a "good eater" and really enjoys playing with Mackie.

It was very important to us that we adopt two cats and of two different ages so they could learn from each other.

They are both very healthy and happy!  And sometimes they will even share their window seat!

Mackie loves her secret hiding place (actually it's in the middle of the living room but she doesn't think we see her.

They get as many hugs as they can stand.

Thank you for all you do to help find these adorable creatures good homes.  We work hard every day to make our home safe and comfortable for Mackie and Millie!

ADOPTER: Kathryn
CAT’S NAME: Olivia (formerly "Geri")
ADOPTED: January 2018

Olivia (a.k.a. Geri) is doing really great in her forever home. She has some favorite spots around the house like the fleece cat cave, the end of our bed, her kitty bed on the landing of the stairs where she can see the whole bottom level of our house, and on top of her cardboard cat scratcher. She is very affectionate and loves to purr loudly. She isn't a cuddler with either her cat sister or dog sister, but totally doesn't mind being in the same space and even sleeping very close - as you can see in the photos. Olivia does like to cuddle next to us humans though. Our orange cat is a really lovely girl and we are so glad she is with us.

ADOPTED: February 2018

Chunk is doing great! He is the most lovable cat I've ever met. He loves to cuddle and is super talkative! He loves sitting by the window and claimed the love seat as his "Chunk Island" and he takes his naps there everyday. In the beginning he would cry a lot at night, almost meowing "MOM". But once he got more comfortable in his new home he has been so much better at night. He doesn't sleep, but that's okay he's my little body guard. He's great around other people and dogs. He's so chill and so friendly.

My boyfriend & I love him very much and he's definitely happy in his new home :)

Thank you for all your help and being so accommodating through this process.

ADOPTED: February 2018

Levi fit right in with our family as soon as we got him home. He loves to hug and kiss and play. He puts his arms up around my neck so I can hold him. His new favorite thing is stealing q-tips. Lol He also drags my hoodie around the house like it's his security blanket. He is the purrfect addition to our family.

ADOPTER: Alexandria
CAT’S NAME: Lana Del Mittens (formerly "Tara")
ADOPTED: February 2018

Hey guys!! I adopted Tara back in February. She now goes by the name of Lana del Mittens and even has her own instagram! Adopting her was one of the best things I think I’ve ever done in my life! She is amazing!! She is so loving and cuddly but also has an attitude which I love and can be grumpy at times but who can’t? Haha She loves her belly rubbed and loves affection! At first she was a little stand offish with her brothers ( i have 2 other cats) but now they are a gang! Im definitely not the leader in this household! I remember reading her bio and the thinking she was perfect for me. We both love to eat and we love napping! Haha  And after bonding with her at Yoga I knew there was no way I couldn’t have her in my life! Thanks for bringing us together and allowing me to adopt her as my little girl!! I couldn’t be happier!! 

CAT’S NAME: Beowulf (formerly "Shorty")
ADOPTED: January 2018

Beowulf (adopted as “Shorty”) has completely made himself at home, including making a nest beneath my bed that is composed of missing socks and cat toys. He is unbelievably friendly, greeting me at the door when I get home from work and he absolutely loves being picked up!

We recently celebrated his first birthday, showering him with extra treats and a handful of catnip, but he still isn’t a fan of the party sombrero we picked up at the Cat Convention.  

All in all, Beowulf is an absolute dream to be with! Thank you so much for making the introduction, I think it might be about time to come back and see about getting him a friend!

CAT’S NAME: Mindy & Shirley
ADOPTED: Mindy - January 2018, Shirley - March 2018

My girls are doing fine. They are my joy. Since they came to our life, we are much happier. Recently Shirley saw Dr and she got all the shots and Dr said she is in excellent health. Mindy is my wise and patient lady. She start to like Shirley finally. Shirley is sleep with me on my bed and at the morning she wakes me up with rubbing her beautiful nose to my face. They are my therapy. I have a amazing journey with them. Every day I learned from them to how enjoy and appreciate life.

ADOPTER: Chelsea
CAT’S NAME: Tinsley
ADOPTED: February 2018

Things have been going so well with Tinsley, she truly is such a sweet cat and my husband and myself absolutely adore her. She made herself right at home the moment we got her. Tinsley is super affectionate and loves being a lap cat. Everyday when we get home from work, she’s ready at the door to greet us! (So sweet) she truly was the missing piece to our family.  We are in the process of purchasing our first home and can’t wait for Tinsley to explore her new digs. We often think of adopting another kitty friend for her and wonder how she would adjust to having a friend to keep her company? Thank you again for everything you guys do for these cats. It’s simply amazing and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have Tinsley. 

CAT’S NAME: Charlie
ADOPTED: December 2017

Charlie (aka Dandelion/Danny) has settled in just fine and is showing more and more of his personality each day. He still loves the laser beam but his absolute favorite toys are these little plastic springs that he endlessly chases around and once he's "caught" them carries them around in his mouth. Pretty sure he's part dog too because he'll actually bring you a spring, drop it at your feet, meow until you throw it across the apartment and then drop it right back at your feet after he retrieves it. Such a smart guy!!

He is my sweet baby angel and I'm still trying to figure out how I ever lived without him. Thank you guys for bringing him to Catsbury Park!

ADOPTED: November 2017

Thank you so much for checking on little Gerti (I kept her name because I thought it suited her and I wanted her to have some continuity). She is a dream of a cat. We are so great and I am so lucky! She's healthy, has a sweet disposition and is the first big time lap cat I've ever had. She doesn't care for loud toys and is happiest with a simple string. It makes us a perfect match because I'm happiest with simple things too ... like knowing she's fed and warm and loved. One day as I gave her a kiss on her left cheek she licked my right cheek at the same time. Guess that says it all, right?!

ADOPTED: December 2017

Ezra (formally known as Kit) is doing really well. He has a ton of energy and loves to play fetch. He brings the ball back every time! He’s so photogenic!

CAT’S NAME: Mr. Kittles
ADOPTED: December 2017

I can't believe it's already been 3 months since I brought Mr. Kittles home! I am SO happy that I did. He's the best cat!! He's settled in so well here. He's always exploring and he's been so friendly to everyone that's visited him so far. Speaking of exploring, he got past me one day and made his way down to the first floor to introduce himself lol. He's a charmer that boy. He waltzed right into their apartment and made himself comfy. 

He and our other cat Mews are still getting used to each other. Kittles is so persistent in trying to love her, but she still likes to keep her distance a lot. He follows everything she does - including climbing on the top of the cabinets and surveying the entire apartment haha. They love to look out the window together too! Kittles is so playful - he loves his tunnel, any box I give him, and is particularly fond of playing with the kitchen chairs - jumping in and out of the bottom of them, hanging on the rungs, etc. He is such a mushy, lovable cat. He goes wherever I do - he often hangs out in the bathroom with me while I get ready in the morning (he also loves to drink from the faucet). He loves to jump on my lap and cuddle with me, and is always giving me head bumps and adorable chirps. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I could go on and on talking about him and I tell him he's handsome an embarrassing number of times per day lol. This cat lady is smitten!


ADOPTER: Ray & Liz
ADOPTED: December 2017

Oh boy, where do I even begin? Pippa (Tiana) has absolutely stolen our hearts! She is the funniest, coolest, sweetest cat either of has known. She has completely settled in and has felt so comfortable and in charge of the household pretty much from day one. She loves chasing her feathers on a stick back and forth through her crinkle tunnel or jumping up and attacking her cat tower. Reflections or shadows drive her absolutely nuts! She’s a VERY vocal girl, meeting us at the front door after work. Or loudly demands her dinner every night. But probably the funniest/craziest thing she does is climb the door jam a good four feet high with all four legs clamped on like a koala bear or Spider-Man. We die laughing every time!

With all her crazy funny antics, she still loves to spend many hours curled up on either of our laps snuggling!

Thanks for bringing our Pippa to us! And for all the great work you do for lots of cats!

ADOPTED: December 2017

Jon and I LOVE Dusty!!! She has really come out of her shell since we adopted her back in December. She loves to play with anything stringy. She didn’t like to be brushed in the beginning but now it seems as though she looks forward to it. We bought her a fancy cat water fountain and we find her drinking out of the toilet or from the shower after one of us showers. She likes to be near us when we are home and she’s been cuddling a lot more. She is a great addition to the family. She has also gotten very fluffy!!

ADOPTER: Shannon
CAT’S NAME: Willow
ADOPTED: November 2017

Willow is great and a perfect addition to our home, her and Ellie get along great! She’s so sweet and affectionate and sleeps with us every night, and will sit on any lap that’s open. She loves greeting any visitors we have, she’s a huge hit with everyone. Thanks so much for giving us our perfect little girl! I’m attaching a photo of her and one of her and her sister Ellie 😻

ADOPTED: December 2017

Binx is doing just wonderful! He’s my best friend and truly doesn’t leave my side! Can’t thank you guys enough for my fur baby. He’s quite the character.

ADOPTED: December 2017

Oh, Sassy has become such a huge part of our family- she runs the house now! My family actually got a puppy and at first Sassy couldn't resist feeling threatened but now they spend every minute following each other around the house. She climbs all over- hops in the fridge, top of my vanity, top of the christmas tree. She's my little best friend and has grown to be so cuddly and loving- which is funny she drools when she's super relaxed or excited and I find it the cutest thing! I'm so happy to have her and take care of her. She's the best!

ADOPTED: November 2017

Everything is going great. There have been no problems with adjustment. She took to her new home beautifully. Our dog and other cat took to her as well. She is a very sweet and loving girl. She is very comfortable roaming all over our house but especially enjoys the cat towers and being held. We are all very happy she became a part of our family.

ADOPTERS: Bill & Carol
ADOPTED: November 2017

As you might remember, Carol and I volunteer at the Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter and that is where we both met Boots. We fell in love with him immediately but we had decided not to own any more pets after having lost our 2 previous cats 12 days apart due to cancer. Well Boots got transferred up to Catsbury Park Cafe which we decided to visit. When we got there, we saw Boots through the window and he saw us. He immediately came over to the window and reacted to us. Of course he did not recognize us but he almost seemed like he did and we found it very endearing. So we looked at each other and didn't have to say another word, we knew we were taking him home.

We are happy to say that Boots is a "spoiled child". We have had 4 great cats in our past but he is the closest to the "purrfect" cat. He is the perfect gentleman and loves all of the attention from our grand children. He is a big talker; meowing, purring and mumbling all of the time. We only wish we could teach him English, he seems to have an opinion about every thing. Every night after dinner he is ready to jump up on our laps or next to us on the couch to watch TV and there is no need for an alarm clock since he is up promptly usually between 7 and 7:30 AM demanding  breakfast.Boots is either 7 or 11, depending on what paper work you believe and we are in our early 70's so we hope he is around for at least another 10 years to grow old gracefully with us both, but we will enjoy every moment with him for whatever time is allotted to us. He makes us very happy all day.

ADOPTED: November 2017

Catsbury Park needs to conduct background checks on your cats because Angie is a thief! She has stolen my heart & the hearts of all who have met her. After a few days of hanging out in the back of our dark closet, then moving to under the bed, and finally under the sofa in our TV room, Angie now hangs out with us like a family member. She has excellent table manners...and is a great "watch cat" as well! We love her so much!

CAT'S NAME: Nugget
ADOPTED: November 2017

So formerly known as Pumpkin, our beautiful boy is now named Nugget. From the moment we brought him home, Nugget has been glued to our side. If he isn’t sleeping on our belly, rubbing his face against our face, or snuggled on top of our head, then he is following us around the house, always wanting to be where everyone is. He is so affectionate, and sleeps at the top of the pillow above my son Oliver’s head each night. Oliver loves Nugget so much that when we were recently on vacation he made my mother FaceTime each night so he could see Nuggets face and talk to him. So precious!!!! Nugget transitioned seamlessly into our family, even with our dog Mookie. If it wasn’t cute enough that he sleeps on top of Ollie’s head each night, your heart melts when you look down at Oliver’s feet to see Mookie also sleeping at the base of the bed. One big happy family!! Nugget has brought our family so much joy, we are so blessed to have him!!! Thank you all who helped to make this possible, we can’t imagine life without him.

ADOPTERS: Joan & John
CAT'S NAME: Cat Handsome (Cowboy)

Cat Handsome (aka Cowboy) is doing pretty well.  He is still a finicky eater (we can get him to agree to eat some kinds of Fancy Feast but he shuns most of the better wet foods we try to give him) but he is just a total love.  He is so much more comfortable being affectionate than I ever thought he would be.  He curls up with us and pushes his head against your face, almost like he is petting you.  He is more vocal, too, especially if he wants something!

He has a few favorite windows with lots of sun and good views of the neighborhood so he can keep a watch on things.   He also has a bunch of toys but his favorite might be an old pair of black socks (clean & rolled-up) that he likes to carry around; we’re not really sure how that happened, he just came running downstairs with them one night and now they are his.  

We went through a couple weeks of trying to find the right name. We weren’t crazy about “Cowboy” and we didn’t think he was either but we couldn’t come up with anything that seemed to fit. Then we heard John Mulvany tell the story of how he came up with the name “Kid Gorgeous” for his comedy tour (first name his wife laughed at) and we both immediately said Cat Handsome (because he is!). He seems to like it; he answered to it immediately, with a sort of “obviously you are speaking to me” air.

ADOPTED: October 2017

We adopted Chloe, and changed her name to Chess. We call her Chessie, too. She is Very playful and even "catches and fetches" one toy back to us when we throw it. She LOVES the red laser and looks expectantly when she sees me with even a pen ( looks like the laser pen) in my hand. She is so affectionate And we can't imagine life without her.

ADOPTER: Lindsey
CAT'S NAME: Ariadne
ADOPTED: October 2017

Venus (now Ariadne, Ari for short) is doing great! She's brought so much joy to my apartment. She and her brother, Oberyn, are so cute when they play together, though she is definitely the alpha! She's still the biggest cuddlebug with the loudest purrs you could imagine. I'll admit, she's gotten a little bit chubby! She loves ANY and ALL foods. 

Thanks so much for the adoption opportunity.

ADOPTED: September 2017

Magic's new name is Romeo and he is a perfectly wonderful addition to our family. He gets along with Mr. Darcy (our dog) Meomi and Gunther our other 2 cats.

He is really the happiest little fellow in the house.

He never misses a meal or a chance to grab a cuddle. We love him very much and couldn't imagine life without him. He was a Bat for Halloween, wore his wings all day.

ADOPTER:  Kristen
ADOPTED: September 2017

Puffy is doing really well since she joined our little family. She loves to scratch her scratching post and curl up on the top of the couch in her favorite spot or the nearest lap for a belly rub. She loves to cuddle and watch TV with us and will occasionally play with the many toys we’ve gotten her. She gets along wonderfully with our other cat Blue and is a lovely addition to our family.

We decided to keep her original name Puffy because we find it cute and she responds well to it 😁

ADOPTERS: Bob Mongiello and Amy Hartz
CAT'S NAME: Coconut
ADOPTED: October 2017

Coconut aka Kokosnuss (German for Coconut) aka Snussy is amaaaaazing!
We first saw Coconut posted on Instagram in early September when we first heard of Catsbury Park. We were in the hospital visiting my father-in-law. He even commented on how cute Coconut was and how he’d like to visit Catsbury.
Unfortunately my father-in-law passed away a couple weeks later and was never able to attend.
We saw Coconut posted a couple more times and commented on how cool he looked. At the very end of September you guys posted another picture of him on a Thursday while we were visiting my mother-in-law dealing with our loss. We were stunned that Coconut was still there and nobody had adopted him yet. We immediately called and jumped in our car and shot up from Manahawkin just before closing time. We barged in (not even knowing we had to pay to go into the cat room) and asked to see Coconut.
He came running up to Amy and immediately nestled in her arms and began to climb over both of us. It was meant to be. We weren’t at all “in the market” for another kitten as we had a pretty full house already with three others. We made room for him and took him home three days later.
He has been an absolute charm and is really helping us fill a void. It’s been a rough few months since the passing of Amy’s dad but the love and joy that he brings us both is immeasurable.
His oldest brother loves him. His other brother tolerates him and they chase each other around often. His oldest sister still has a ways to go. A lot of hissing going on. He’s just being the annoying little brother and has no concept of personal space yet. Lol!
We love him and love you guys. Thank you VERY much!
Bob Mongiello and Amy Hartz

ADOPTERS: Neil & Maggie
ADOPTED: September 2017

        It's been 4 incredible months since Jupey came into our lives and we're excited to share our happy story. It was early summer that our beloved Smokey Joe had been laid to rest. Heartbroken & empty nested we eagerly awaited the Grand Opening of Catsbury Park. All of our past cat family members had come to us, stray babies, some needing to be nursed, but all raised up from little tiny kittens. This time we decided we wanted to adopt an adult cat.

        The environment at Catsbury Park is super uplifting and fun, that for us was purr-rect. The staff & volunteers were enthusiastic and passionate about their first group of cats. Their knowledge of their backstories and personalities was very helpful in guiding us to our buddy match. In a window hammock was Peter, 4 years old, like a big, plump, orange & white, fluffy mush, he didn't mind his nap being disturbed and let us rub his soft belly. That was basically the moment we knew.

     We made plans for adoption and readied the house. When we brought him home, he hid under the couch and we patiently gave him some time. We knew that sometimes changing of environment and loud car noises is enough to exhaust a cats nerves. By afternoon he was curiously sniffing and exploring the house, but returning under the couch for safety. By nightfall he emerged and we were ecstatic when he lay in the middle of the hallway, belly up, stretching and lounging. And as we settled in to watch a movie he shared his affection by putting a paw on each of us, almost like he was saying it was cool & he liked it here.

         Now completely settled, we couldn't imagine being without him. We love how he follows us in and out of every room, curious of what we're up to. We are entertained by his fun napping spots and napping positions. We crack up everytime we hear him boxing the shower curtain to watch the droplets fall, or catch him popping open a kitchen cabinet to go sleep inside it , mostimes popping them open just because he can, with those gigantic paws. His back story....'Peter' was abandoned and found in an apartment by a moving company, and he thankfully made it to Catsbury Park. We like to give him all the comforts he wants, building window shelves for squirrel watching and installing creative scratchers, rubbing his soft belly whenever he wants, or is that more for us? All the same, we give to him and he gives to us. Jupey, is the greatest loving companion and he brings everyday so much joy and laughter. He is safe to know he will never be left or forgotten again.  We thank you Catsbury and all its supporters, for a beautiful organization and experience. May you continue to be successful in joining cats in need of a home with humans in need of sharing a home.  

Maggie, Neil, and Jupe O'Brien

CATS' NAMES: Cookie & Moo
ADOPTED: September 2017

Dear DJ, Jamie and Catsbury cats,

HI!! It's us, Cookie and Moo! Here is our latest report on us and our humans. They are really nice humans. They let us sleep with them in the soft warm thing when it gets dark, give us toys, and kiss us all the time. When we get excited and our noses turn bright pink and mom human stops kissing us because she says we're "nose-biters". I don't know what a nose is and anyway Moo bites harder than me. 
Our new brothers and sisters teach us all kinds of stuff. Our new brother Emmett taught me how to drink out of the faucet! And he taught Moo how to get on top of the corner cabinet. I don't go up there, it's really high and I'm still little. Too scary. But Miss Munchkin showed me how to get mom human to open the bedroom door with just my voice! I'm so smart. Moo is smart too, mom says he can hear a food bowl being moved from 10 miles away!

Well, I'm tired. Typing is hard. Mom is going to notice her phone is missing soon. I'm going to take a nap.

Love Cookie and Moo =^••^=

ADOPTED: September 2017

Rosie (formerly Marcy) is doing very well here with my two other cats; they are coexisting.  In the morning when I try to sleep in she gets on the bed and meows right in face so I get up and feed her and her sister.  Here nails were very long and curled under, so I took her to the vet and had them trimmed.  Rosie is very friendly, when people come to visit she is the first one to get on their lap so she can get petted.
I'm so happy that I adopted her she has been a very nice addition to my family

ADOPTED: October 2017

We kept the name Rowan! He’s an amazing cat and is doing really well. I think his favorite thing is cuddling and sleeping lol! He’s great and him and his new fur brother have gotten long well over these few months ! He is something else and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

CAT'S NAME: Wink Petty
ADOPTED: September 2017

Wink Petty is doing amazing! He still adores ONLY the pink flamingo he got at Catsbury & plays fetch endlessly! He is beyond friendly & so unlike the shy little boy he had been. He snuggles and nuzzles & particularly is very protective of the elderly dementia patient I care for; he seeks her out as soon as she rises & sits next to her chair as she eats. Of course that may have something to do w/ her feeding him, but...He has changed my life & is more wonderful than I could've imagined. That's it as Wink has commandeered my lap! Thank you again for putting him in my life! I will be stopping by soon...

Heidi (& Wink!)

ADOPTERS: Jess & Jon Wargo
ADOPTED: September 2017

Pearl (aka Starla) is doing great! She acclimated pretty quickly to her new home with us and her 2 new brothers. She and her "older" brother Winston love to sleep on the bed together and clean each other (sometimes). Her other brother Oliver is closer in age and they definitely butt heads but do like to play together. Pearl is a very prim and proper lady. She sits quietly and paitently until we put her food down, loves to lounge & sleep, and clean herself and then sleep some more. She loves to lick and cuddle us-- but on her own terms. We love her personality, it's a great blend of our other cat's personalities, so she fits right in.  We love having her as a part of our furry family. 

We are looking forward to the cat convention & hope to stop by the cafe soon! Have a great new year! 

Jess & Jon Wargo

ADOPTERS: Kelly, Chris & Nadia  
CAT'S NAME: Buddha Moo
ADOPTED: September 2017

Dear Catsbury Park (Jamie & DJ)

Although we liked the name Chocolate Chip. We noticed our kitty loves to have his belly rubbed & he kinda looks like a cow... so We ended up changing his name to Buddha Moo. He is so lovable and the most outgoing cat you could ever meet. We think it’s because of his time spent at your beautiful cat cafe. We had a huge Christmas celebration and he stayed and socialized with all of our guests the entire night. We have never had a cat who hasn’t hid under the bed during a party. Everyone thought it was hilarious. He has a huge appetite. He spends time w me while I get ready for work in the morning and spends time w my husband while he watches tv... visits w my daughter while she does homework and sleeps on her bed w her at night. We all love him:)

Thank you so much !! 
-Kelly, Chris & Nadia 

ADOPTER: Colette Carson
CAT'S NAME: Figuero  or Figgy
ADOPTED: September 2017

Formerly know as Max, Figuero or Figgy enjoying a Christmas morning cuddle . He loves his two doggy housemates and runs around playing with them all day.

-Thank you from the Carson family 

ADOPTER: Zito Family
ADOPTED: September 2017

Lucia (formally Vanna) is so loved by our family, especially her brother Coal. As you can see she is quite the climber & enjoys her time hanging out in our Christmas tree. (Did you spot her yet)

Happy holidays & much success in adopting all of those beautiful cats.

Love, the Zito family

Ps. My daughter loves volunteering there and being a part of this amazing organization.

ADOPTER: Chelsea
CAT'S NAME: Sophie

I adopted my beautiful Sophie from Catsbury Park almost a year ago, in August 2016. Jen and DJ were the most accommodating to my busy schedule, and when I met my Sophie I fell in love. Sophie became the little sister to my first cat, Charlie, and they paired perfectly.

She loves to sunbathe in her hammock, and stare out the window as the birds and squirrels pass by. When she hears he treat jar open, she knows what time it is. Sophie is the most cuddly baby ever; even after turning 1 year old, she is still so petite and sweet.

ADOPTER: Jessica
CAT'S NAME: Ellie B (Elbow)

I have always loved cats. I grew up with them within a household of an extremely strong man, my father, who loved cats. Which I love!

My adoption story began in Asbury..along side with DJ, Jenn and Catsbury Park and of course that face, Ellie! I met this sweet kitten at a park in Asbury. I had been following this litter that DJ had taken in, from the start. I knew, heading to see DJ with these kittens, I would end up being in love but I wasn't prepared for this love.

I met this petite little kitten that had many special qualities. She was born with a substantial bowing in her front legs and some extra toes. I fell in love immediately!

She joined our family along with my daughter Amelia, who is unique in her own way and our other cat, Morel, who was also adopted.
Our family is complete with this little love. She was a part of that Catsbury Park litter that was named after pasta. Her name, "Elbow" which was fitting. We renamed her, Ellie B.

She has been an incredible addition to our home. She loves my daughter. She has brought out playfulness in our other cat.

I will always be thankful for DJ, Jen and Catsbury Park. ❤

CATS' NAMES: Brandon & Brianna

It has been a whirlwind of a decade for my Peter J and I.  Between 2007 and present, the Internet introduced us, we married, had one precious babe named Madeleine Jane, struggled through (and kicked the ass of) a stage 3 cancer diagnosis, the loss of a dog and a cat, and finally the move to our forever home.  After several months of settling, renovations and unpacking, we realized it was time to complete our little family of three with the addition of some four-legged fluffy babes.  Our little 6 year old was sweet and loving and would make an awesome mommy to some felines.

When my friend Sara recommended Catsbury Park, it felt like a great fit. I had spent many days exploring the (then) abandoned city, following my fascination with all things left in ruin and disrepair after college.  It held a special place in my heart after living on Deal Lake for five years.    When we followed the directions to come visit, it was as if i were heading home.

When I first started corresponding with DJ, I mentioned that I would love to adopt two so they had companionship as they grew up.  He immediately mentioned that he had three siblings, one of which was named and claimed:  (the famous) Lil Brian, his brother and his sister.  It was love at first sight when we met.  We brought them home that day, on a trial basis as there were some serious allergy concerns that we were hoping could be managed.

There was NO way we ever could have returned Brandon and Brianna.  They were inseparable cuddlers that completed our family.  Friends and relatives (one of whom is a vet) could not believe how personable and friendly they were, especially considering that they were rescued.  They behave more like lap dogs than cats.  There is nothing aloof about these lovers.  The second a guest sits, there is often not one, but both of them jumping into their lap.

When not sleeping, often in a loving embrace, these two are definitely getting into something.  They may be zooming around in hot pursuit of each other, leaping high in the air to avoid a collision.  They may be lying on their favorite mid-century modern bench which looks out into a thicket filled with chirpy birds that make them sometimes roll over and stretch out with fascination.  They may be zooming over to the sink the MOMENT that I rinse off spinach for my breakfast muffins.  They must hail from some herbivore somewhere down their lineage as they adore leafy greens!

I sincerely thank Catsbury Park for giving us such a great gift.  They make us smile all day long.  When I have to descend into my basement at 5 am to run on the treadmill, kitty cuddles and noisy purrs give me something to look forward to at the end.  I am so happy to have kept these two together and can rest assured that their brother Lil Brian is only a few towns away in a sweet home filled with more cat love than one could ever imagine!!!!

CAT'S NAME: Lil Brian

Little Brian came to Catsbury Park's foster room from Camden County Shelter with almost identical jet black litter mates Brandon and Brianna—who we later dubbed the triple B kitties.  They were not three weeks old.  Emitting loud squeaky mews and with their six big green googly alien-eyes they stared at us from a cuddle puddle in the corner of the cardboard carrier.  Adorable and goofy, the triple B babies wobbled around with food on their faces, too small to even get into the litter box without a boost.   Though we had already fostered, and adopted out over twenty kittens to forever homes, these three were the tiniest we had to care for yet.   And anyone who fosters kittens knows, that tiny kittens can face big challenges.   Rescued kittens, in shelters or on the street, are subject to a host of typical viruses and infections.  But there was something about Little Brian, he was wheezy and lethargic—and he was not growing.  The medications did not seem to be working and then one night, after we had isolated him in a separate room, I found him laying on the pillow lifeless and struggling to breathe.  As we rushed him to a 24 hour emergency vet, he lay on my chest fighting to keep his barely two pound little body alive.  I thought for sure the tiny guy would not make it.   But Little Brian had other plans.   

He made it through that first night breathing on a tiny nebulizer.  The next day Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital told us that Brian had a rare condition called “megaesophagus. “ He was born with an enlarged esophagus which made eating and breathing difficult—and which would result in filling his stomach with gas.  There is no cure. OVH informed us that he might grow out of it but it was going to be a fight, an expensive one, and even with around the clock care his chances of survival were slim.  We had a long talk about what to do, what quality of life Brian would have if he somehow was able to survive, and whether we should consider other, perhaps kinder, solutions.  We decided to fight for our little fighter, in that tiny body was the sweetest soul—and a fierce desire to survive.  

So we came up with a plan with OVH (who was incredible, and love Little Brian almost as much as we do), and my own mother (who is allergic to cats but was still willing to help) took Little Brian in to foster him and give him around the clock care.   He had to be fed a small spoonful of food every two hours along with meds all day long as well as be in isolation to monitor his progress.  He got better each day, grew, had more energy, and soon became known as the “little ankle biter.”  But for most of the first three months of Brian’s life he was either alone in isolation or in a hospital.  Until October, when because of OVH’s excellent care, and Little Brian’s determination, he was cleared to come home.  Home, after what we had been through together, was with Jen and me, and his saucer mates for life Cleopatra, Moo, Klay and Toni--Brian’s best friend and playmate.   

His social skills are still a little “off” from spending so much time alone during such a formative age, he loves to eat (all the time), and he isn’t interested (or even aware) that there is a struggle for “top cat” status in the house (between Moo and Toni).  He follows after his “big” brothers but in reality he is almost the biggest cat in the family now!   That’s right, at 11months old Little Brian is not so little anymore and weighs in at 12 pounds!   But don’t tell him that, he will always be our baby.  Brian is never far from my side (or he gives a few little mews to try to find me), he likes to burrow in bed curled up on my hip, sit for hours in one of his “boxes” or stare at the sink in fascination.  Big Brian is kind, so loving, and makes me grateful everyday that he fought to live, to be part of our lives, and in our hearts.

ADOPTERS: Andrew and Gina
CAT'S NAME: Saylor

We were on our way to see a concert at the Stone Pony Summer Stage when we walked by Catsbury Park's kitty playpen with a litter of all white kittens. We almost instantly fell in love with Angel Hair because of her different colored eyes and her small little head. We asked if we could hold her and she melted in Andrew's arms like a little mush. We put her back and left to head to our concert. During that two block walk, we ended up turning around and adopting her right then and there. We named he Saylor since Andrew is a Merchant Marine! Since bringing her home she has become quite a mama's girl, and has become the little Angel of the house. She loves sitting in every window, and enjoys watching the chickens in the backyard. She is a purr monster and loves being part of anything we do. There is nothing that goes on in our home that Saylor doesn't have a paw in! Lately, she has been running up to us to give us the top of her head to kiss<3 We are so happy to have her in our lives.

ADOPTERS: Korwan family
CAT'S NAME: O'Malley 

Can you fathom this unfortunate boy who was originally affectionately dubbed November being found in the elements near a dumpster on the Camden County College Campus with his brothers and sisters?

Wait!! Rewind that cassette deck back to December of 2008. You know, when the roof of the Stone Pony caved in. That's when the O'Malley story really begins.

Yes!! Had O'Malley's people father not been a bit out of his mind taking his 9 year old son, Matt, to the Asbury Lanes to see the Revival tour, had Matt and dad not run into Bryan and Pete of the Bouncing Souls on the way out at 12:30 am, and had not Bryan and Pete asked Matt, the 9 year old O'Malley people brother to play guitar with them at Conventional Hall for Home For The Holiday shows, this little kitten never would have graced our home with his huge heart!

The show went off without a missed note!  DJ and the Souls could not have been any more awesome to Matt.  

O'Malley's people dad for years wanted to pay the Souls back for their incredible generosity and awesomeness.   Fast forward that cassette back again to 2016!!

Whoa!!  DJ is now rescuing cats and adopting them out!! ?? Purrfecto!! O'Malley's soon to be future family has not recovered from laying to rest a 3 year old Himalayan they dearly loved who took ill. And what a mend to 4 Korwan broken hearts.

Now, while the once young guitar slinger is off on a college visit with mom, little sis and that impulsive dad are off to Cookman Ave to a Catsbury event where they instantly fall in love with the little tuxedo charmer, the kitten of countless nicknames, O'Malley, Malley Moo, the Moo Bear or Mouse.  We never really called him ever November.

O'Malley, DJ and Catsbury Park have brought back the life to our home that was so saddened by the loss of our Himalayan. O'Malley is in constant play mode, stopping briefly for some love bites and licks. It gave our family such a rejuvenation of life to help Catsbury rescue this kitten and care for him, because we could not save our poor Himmy. O'Malley went from Camden to Asbury to final destination in Ocean County!  He loves to attack your legs and then sleep on them, bury himself in pillows and blankets and help change guitar strings. When O'Malley decides to crash, he will jump up on dad's lap and enjoy some tasty vinyl.

O'Malley/November can't thank DJ and Catsbury Park enough for the life they afforded him.

ADOPTERS: Jess & Ryan
CAT'S NAME: Sally 

When Catsbury Park began fostering kittens, we had the great luck of spending some time with one of their first groups up for adoption. Sally, known as Gabby at the time, stood out to us as one of the most playful and curious kittens in the group. We had been thinking about a new addition to our furry family for some time and Sally seemed to be perfect. We really wanted to find a kitten that we could introduce as a playmate for our other cat, Ramona, who we adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA a year and a half earlier. After a bit of a rocky start (Ramona did not think a playmate was a good idea) Sally and Ramona slowly started to become friends and playmates. Sally's energy and curiosity hasn't changed much from the night we brought her home, she still tears around the house playing with Ramona, her toys, and our feet, but she's also become quite the lap cat and cuddle-buddy. We're so happy to have her as a part of our family and so grateful to Catsbury Park for their compassion and generosity and for bringing Sally to us.

CAT'S NAME: Larry David

We came to know little Larry David through our friends, Jen and DJ. He was a teeny kitten with a crushed paw that we were told would probably need to be amputated, and needed constant care and one on one love (Jen and DJ had probably a dozen cats at their residence at the time). I excitedly said yes, but my husband, Cory was a little hesitant as we already have two rescue cats, Lettuce and Lemon, and he knew I'd plead to keep the third. After a few weeks of TLC, I asked our vet to change his cast: He was such a little baby and was going potty on it regularly when I wasn't looking and we couldn't get it any cleaner! To all of our surprise when she took the cast off his paw was almost completely healed! Larry was ready to head back to Jen and DJ and the general population of Catsbury, but he had already secured his spot in our hearts and home (as I'm pretty sure Jen knew would happen all along 😏). We were pleasantly surprised at how well our other cats handled the addition of a kitten and we can't imagine our home without our weird little baby anymore!

CATS' NAMES: Klay & Toni

As many of you know, DJ and I have two amazing adult cats Cleopatra (Cleo) and Maimuta (Moo) who we spoil with love, lots of attention, and greenies (of course). I adopted Cleo when she was 8 months old (she is almost 10 now!) and Moo at barely 3 weeks when a friend found him walking on a busy San Francisco sidewalk. I coddled and bottle-fed Moo who was a difficult and demanding kitten (still is at 9 years old, such a baby). DJ, who credits falling in love with Moo as part inspiration for Catsbury Park, did not have as much experience with kittens (he sure does now!). To address this, and because I heart kittens, I suggested Catsbury Park foster last summer. DJ and I agreed that if we did foster, we could not keep any because we already had two wonderful cats. Okay, maybe I said we could not keep more than one?

Our first litter of kittens were dropped off on Wednesday and by Saturday night I was holding the biggest of the litter in my arms, a fluffy gray tabby, and crying to DJ that I had to keep him. This kitten became our Klay, who will be a year-old next month. Klay is the most athletic of our five (keep reading!) cats and is smart as a whip. He has an inquisitive sharp little face, and likes to be as high up in the house as possible with his paws draped over whatever ledge he is on--watching the action. I call Klay my secret love, because he prefers not to be picked up or held, but when I am in bed (night or early morning), he meows his little chirp until he finds me. As he has done since we first brought him into “general population” he lays on my chest with his paws around my neck (kneading with claws can hurt if not trimmed) and nibbles at my ears and licks my face. He is adored by all of our cats, especially Moo (even though Moo bites off Klay’s whiskers). But when he first joined our family, Klay drove Cleo and Moo crazy because he always wanted to play—but Queen Cleo likes her naps. Klay would sit with his head cocked, puzzled, in front of the foster room door, intermittently sticking a paw under trying to connect with the kittens inside. We cannot have four cats DJ and I reminded each other.

Enter the famous “pasta” litter we fostered from Camden. The only male and largest pasta, Rigatoni (now referred to more often as Toni), was a real Casanova. From the foster room if Toni heard anyone in the adjacent bathroom, he would cry loudly until someone came to pick him up (Toni remains our most vocal cat, and he is not even our Siamese!). Upon entering the room, he would put his little paws on our legs and demand to be picked up so he could nuzzle into our necks, put his little pink face into ours and cover us in kisses. All it took was DJ telling me that if I wanted to keep Toni, he wouldn’t be mad about it. Klay was so happy with a playful little brother to tumble with and chase around. Now 10 months old Toni will not allow me to go to the bathroom without holding him. He runs in when he hears the door open, keeps his front legs stick straight in the air as I pick him up until he can put them around my neck—where he purrs and holds on as if his life depended on it. Yes, I can use the bathroom and often dress myself while holding an eleven-pound white cat. I welcome suggestions for the shower, which Toni sits outside of and cries. He is the snuggle-bug we loved at first sight, with as big and playful a personality as his name suggests. As the end of August approached, with two cats, two kittens, and the two us—we assumed our bicoastal family was complete.

But what about Lil’ Brian? Klay and Toni are momma’s boys, so it made sense for me to write our adoption story for them. But “little” Brian only has eyes for daddy.

ADOPTERS: Brett and Lauren
CAT'S NAME - Chico 

Chico literally fought for months to be a part of our family.  He made us bond because It was the first time any living thing depended on us working together.  When we met Chico, we didn't plan on bringing a kitten home. But we just could not put him down! He was the tiniest kitten in the bunch. He was nestled up in our arms searching for warmth and love. We fell in love with him right away.  When we brought him home we noticed that he was breathing heavy and wheezing very loud.  He was so weak and sick for the first couple weeks.  After 3 different vets told us "there is a possibility he just won't make it". We resorted to the only remedy we know,  cuddles, kisses and Unconditional love and affection.  Soon we noticed a healthy, playful and strong kitten! I think the bond we have with him is so extreme because of his very rough start to his life! Thank you Catsbury Park for giving us our best furry little friend!


STORY: I moved from LA to NY last year to get married and asked my husband if instead of having a baby I could get cats. I specifically wanted two from the same litter because my husband and I are sometimes away for long stretches of time for work or school, and when I heard from a friend Dean was fostering a buttload of kittens I rushed over, made sure I didn't smell like anyone or anything and said "I'll see who wants to climb in my purse and come home with me." Pretty much as soon as I got there, my two furballs actually did climb into my purse and my decision was made for me. They were both pretty sick when they came home from being in a shelter - Skeletor kept headbutting my face and then sneezing green snot all over it, and I had to repeatedly unglue poor Butter's eyes and get her to the vet for conjunctivitis. We thought she was gonna have a fat butt but it turns out she'd been mostly blind for the first couple weeks, and after that they were fine. Skeletor is the friendliest, most affectionate kitten (and cat) I've ever met, and Butter is actually just as needy although she's bad at demanding attention like her brother (or maybe just isn't such a ham.) They're both ridiculous, like I taught Skel to play fetch and now he'll demand it relentlessly for up to 6 hours straight, and mildly concussed himself running head first into a wall a week ago chasing a toy. Butter thinks she's an owl and creeps the hell out of me by peeking her head of somewhere above my head and making me scream like a little girl, lol. She's also comically afraid of any bodily function sound (like a sneeze or cough) but has THE WORST FARTS EVER. When I get home from a trip I'll climb in bed with them and they take turns rotating from my chest to my feet for the next 8 hours. They're one of the best decisions I ever made :).

CAT'S NAME: Tupelo Honey aka Tupes

STORY: Adopting tootsie roll, now Tupelo Honey aka Tupes, was the best thing we ever did. Everyone who meets her falls in love instantly. I mean, how couldn't you with a face like this?! 
The most common reaction from our friends is "I don't even like cats, but she's the coolest". She always wants to meet new friends and loves to play 24/7. I do think that's because you did such a great job socializing her from such a young age.

She loves straws, watching anything out the window, playing fetch, and catching any toy you throw at her with her little white paws. (I know you're wondering if I'm talking about a dog or a cat).


STORY: I have to give credit to Shannon Mitchell, an amazing person and animal lover. I never thought I would have a cat, definitely not 2. I'm not sure how it happened, but Shannon and my son Chris talked me into going to Catsbury. Shannon had already picked out 2 beautiful kittens for me to "look" at. They brought them to my house when they were old enough and we decided to keep them. We fell in love with them. They have been so much fun to play with and just watch them together.

I have to send thanks to DJ and Jenn for helping me with no adoption fee and other help they gave me. Love you, DJ❤️

I have no regrets, they make every day a happy day🐈"


STORY: Spaghetti is doing awesome!!!! She is as playful as ever and seems to live up to the fun and wild definition of a kitten! In fact, she's already made a name for herself at our vet because every time we bring her there for shots, check-ups etc., she is climbing, jumping and trying to tear-up the room so much so that her spunkyness is already legendary there! 

Spaghetti has been an amazing addition to our family and literally everyone who's met her instantly loves her. So many people have told me that it makes their day to see all the pictures that I post of her, and that's very cool to hear!! It still blows my mind that we found her and she fits in the way she does- we feel truly blessed to have her in our family. 

Before I met Spaghetti, I was still mourning the unexpected passing of my cat Sunny a year earlier. She was only 7 years old and was my bff, so it was devastating. I wasn't in the market for a new feline friend but I was lonely because Sunny was always by my side. I ran into DJ and we got to chatting about Catsbury Park and I told him that I was kind of interested in a cat but not just to get one- I had to have a connection with one. I gave him some criteria and he said he'd be on the lookout for me. Cut to a few weeks later and I had seen a few posts about the "pasta litter" on instagram and I started to feel interested. Then one night, I was getting off work around 1130 pm and saw a picture posted of Spaghetti (posted below) and that was it! I knew at that moment, I had to have her!!! With that one picture, I fell instantly in love!!!!!! And it took all my might not to text DJ at 1130pm and say I wanted that cat!! Haha!! I was able to hold off until the next morning to talk to DJ, we met Spaghetti the next day, she cuddled onto me, and the rest is history! 

Spaghetti is so fun and so lovable! She loves to cuddle me and sleeps on my chest at night or she'll sleep with my 4 year old son, right at the edge of his feet! She's kind of a bruiser too! Nothing is too high for her to climb on or too far for her to jump on. She loves to explore and squeeze into the teeniest spaces in the house! She also is a daredevil and spends a lot of time trying to divebomb our super old and slow yellow lab! Spaghetti will stalk the dog from the counter and reach down and grab her fur!! Or when the dog is sleeping on the couch, Spaghetti will pop-up from the ground right in front of the dog and tap her on the nose!!! It's hysterical to watch!! 

We are still in amazement of the good fortune we had to meet Spaghetti and to be able to adopt her! We talk about it constantly- we will forever be grateful to DJ, Jen, and Catsbury Park for bringing this sweet, lovable (and crazy) kitty into our lives!!!!


STORY: "I have always loved cats and always had several at a time growing up with my mom. Out on my own I had no intentions of adopting one of my own because I know kittens are a huge responsibility and I didn't know if I was really up for it. Until I saw this beautiful little angel muffin on the Catsbury Park instagram and immediately messaged to see if she was still available. I went to meet her the next day and it was love at first meow, I swear. Since I brought her home that day, we have been inseparable. Even though at the beginning she needed eye drops twice a day and antibiotics three times a day, and she would wake me up at 5 am for treats (which she still does every morning because she is spoiled and it's all my fault), I didn't mind because she's my little cat soulmate.We even have matching eyeliner. And I know every day when I get home from work, she'll be there to meow at me and bully me into giving her more treats and I will do it,because she is now a grown ass woman, and she is the boss."


STORY: Here's my story about how I came to adopt Lyanna and how life has been with her since:

Back in July 2016 I went to see a favorite band of mine, Cayetana, open for the Bouncing Souls at the Stone Pony. Outside the show they were handing out Catsbury Park flyers. I love cats and looked up exactly what the deal was the next day. I followed the instagram and Facebook pages. Then found out the next week you were waiving adoption fees. Now I had just moved out of my parents house and while I always planned on adopting a cat when I moved out, I also planned on giving myself some time before taking on the responsibility. But I decided to contact you guys anyway and go meet the kittens.

I don't think wasn't really any reason why I picked Lyanna (at the time Charlie), and on the ride home with her crying in her carrier I was scared I had done this too quickly was making a huge mistake for both me and her. Well almost immediately I realized I was wrong. I absolutely made the right decision and I love her with everything I've got. Even if she does hate being held, refuses to eat all but two very specific kinds of food, and occasionally poops wherever she feels like it. Fortunately that last one hasn't happened in a while. She's made great friends with my roomies' cat Spooks (on the left in the picture). She greets me when I come home from work every day without fail.

I'm so grateful to you guys (and less directly Cayetana) for leading me to Lyanna. Thank you and I'm looking forward to visiting the cafe.


STORY: I am so very fortunate to have found my 2 partners in crime, Cash and Carter through Catsbury Park. I have one male seal point Siamese and a female black cat. When I saw the two sisters, I knew I had to adopt them. They were the spitting image of my two adult cats. What are the chances of that?

They were very feral, as you know when I first adopted them. They were super timid and didn't really want to be approached at all. Since their adoption, they have since warmed up immensely and are like totally different kitties.It took patience, socializing and TLC from both my adult cats Edgar and Petunia and my family but they are a dream. We are so grateful for you guys and we cannot wait to come and see the new location!