At Catsbury Park, our aim is to pair our cats with forever homes. So we’ve made the process as easy as possible. Once you have fallen in love with one of our cats all you need to do is fill in a short application, which is necessary to gather information that will allow us to confirm that the cat you selected to adopt will thrive in the new home you will be providing. The cat you are adopting is under our care, and as with all Catsbury Park cats, we love and are responsible for ensuring its well-being. Before any cat leaves Catsbury Park, we will need to review an adoption application once completed, and any potential follow-up questions or requests for clarification have been provided. Our goal is to get back to you with decisions on adoption within a few hours, depending on the time of day an application is submitted. By providing complete, detailed answers to the questions and requests for information set forth in this application, you can help us speed up this process. We know that you are excited to bring your new feline friend home with you.

Once approved, we have an adoption contract that you and us will sign together. It's an agreement between you and us that your cat is going home to the best care possible. Once all signed, and the adoption fee is paid, you can take home your precious new cat. We provide a cat carrier, and we even take your first photo together! 

Catsbury Park thanks you for your time, application for adoption, and for your love of cats!


Kittens (up to 4 months) $135
Standard (4month - 7years) $90
Senior (7 years and over) $70

Second cat adoptions are also discounted.

Some things to note: Catsbury Park does not adopt to people that plan to let cats outside, to people that are interested in de-clawing or to people that do not have spayed or neutered animals already living in the home. We also do not offer dog testing, so if you have other animals, please make sure you have a lot of information to provide us about their behavior so that we are sure the cat you have selected is right for you. We also provide an extensive infomation packet about caring for and settling in with your new friend which includes a wealth of resources. 

If you are a serious adopter, we recomend that you fill in the application prior to your visit that way we can mark you for pre-approval. Serious adopters that want a second visit with a cat will be given special access to the cat lounge at a mutually agreed upon time. Please email us if that sounds like you.